Tuesday 19th November 2019

Nepal Announces Nepal-India Franchise Investment Summit

After the successful Investment Summit 2019, Nepal here comes up with another key announcement! Exactly less

Published:: April 5, 2019
Much-awaited 5G Services Live Now! US, South Korea Lead the Race

Do you know 5G mobile services are live now? Standing ahead in the race, US and

Published:: April 4, 2019
Nepal Introduces ‘Call Center’ for Migrants’ Concerns

In a move addressing migrant labor concerns, the Government of Nepal has come up with a

Published:: April 2, 2019
Oyo Plans New Investment in 15 Nepali Cities

Seems Nepal is going great guns on its development agenda! A day earlier, the country has

Published:: March 13, 2019
Nepal All Set for Space Entry, Telecom Satellite Project Begins

Yes, you read it right! Nepal made its first step to space entry with the official

Published:: March 12, 2019
30 Years for World Wide Web: Glance at Past, Sir Tim Cautions on #Web30!

Exactly 30 years back on the same day took its birth, the path to today’s internet

Published:: March 12, 2019
Nepal Eyes Self-reliance in Security Printing, Satellite Setup

In a move enhancing Nepal’s self-reliance, the Government of Nepal is working with French Government to

Published:: March 11, 2019
Nepal for eCommerce Regulations to Monitor Online Shopping

Here comes another serious topic of debate for Nepalis! While there is an undergoing debate on

Published:: March 7, 2019
Social Media Regulation in IT Bill Turns New Debate for Nepal

Another national policy has come for a serious debate in Nepal parliament. The country’s prime opposition

Published:: March 5, 2019
Popular Mobile App ‘TikTok’ Charged with Children Policy Violation

We are in a digital world where any information can no more be completely confidential. Here

Published:: March 1, 2019
Nepal Central Zoo Establishes ‘Digital Education’ Center!

In a new upgrade for the Central Zoo in Lalitpur’s Jawalakhel, authorities have set up a

Published:: February 21, 2019
Nepal Researcher Honored with 2019 OWSD-Elsevier Foundation Award

Nepal Researcher Tista Prasai Joshi was honored with the 2019 OWSD-Elsevier Foundation Award for her work

Published:: February 15, 2019
Nepal DoTM Brings Driving License Test Results And Smart Card Print Status On Mobile

Kathmandu, 13 February 2019: Nepal Department of Transport Management (DoTM), the government body that issues driving licenses,

Published:: February 14, 2019

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