Digital Nepal: Transport Dept. to Implement GPS Services

Nepal Government has been actively adopting new digital solutions part of its public services. We heard

Published:: October 26, 2018
Spammy Digital Marketers, Key Suspects Behind Big Facebook Breach

In an interesting update around Facebook users getting hacked, the social networking giant said spammers could

Published:: October 19, 2018
Nepal for Technical Courses in Secondary School Education

Nepal is serious about inculcating technical education in its school education system. Nepal Minister for Education,

Published:: October 18, 2018
Global Internet Wavers Over Security Enhancements

Internet Users watch out! Internet connections around the world have been experiencing a downtime which began

Published:: October 14, 2018
Nepal Continues Crackdown on Pornography, 21k Sites So Far

The Government of Nepal has been cracking down online pornography as a move to address ongoing

Published:: October 12, 2018
Cyber-attack Revisits Nepal Government Websites!

A year after the serious cyber-attack that struck nearly 58 government departments, Nepal again fell prey

Published:: October 1, 2018
India-Based Satellite Technology to Aid Nepal Aviation

Aiming to make a new breakthrough in satellite technology, India has been persuading South Asian Association

Published:: September 25, 2018
Smart Phone & Internet Trend: Get the Best Out of It!

Growing consumer demands and market advancements have made technology and internet part and parcel of one’s

Published:: September 25, 2018
Nepal’s Internet Shopping Trend Kicks Off with Dashain

Internet shopping has seemed to have clicked well with Nepal. Nepali shopping websites like,

Published:: September 24, 2018
Made in Nepal: Now, Robots Serve Food in Nepali Restaurant!

Nepal has always welcomed technology with open arms and the new addition takes its technological advancement

Published:: August 16, 2018
Global Aviation Update: World Get Ready, Flying Vehicles Making Their Way!

The world’s renowned luxury automobile maker Rolls Royce is back in news with another interesting update!

Published:: July 16, 2018
Clean Nepal: ‘Safa Hawa’ for Clean Air in Nepal

In a move supporting Nepal’s efforts for clean environment, the US Embassy in Kathmandu and a

Published:: March 30, 2018
Tootle App: Public Transportation Goes Digital in Nepal

Taxi-sharing is one trend that has earned a huge demand across the world in the last

Published:: March 27, 2018

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