Nepal DoTM Brings Driving License Test Results And Smart Card Print Status On Mobile

Kathmandu, 13 February 2019: Nepal Department of Transport Management (DoTM), the government body that issues driving licenses,

Published:: February 14, 2019
Nepal Successfully Tests New ‘Electronic Cargo Tracking System’

Now, the transshipment time for Nepali goods being imported from India is just two weeks, unlike

Published:: February 14, 2019
2019 Data Breach: Millions of Emails, Passwords are Now Public as Collection #1!

In a first-of-its-kind major data breach in 2019, millions of email addresses and passwords have been

Published:: January 18, 2019
Nepal’s Kathmandu University First to Install ‘Supercomputer’

Nepal’s Kathmandu University is now equipped with a supercomputer! This is the first time a supercomputer is

Published:: January 3, 2019
Nepal to Launch Own Satellites by May 2019

Nepal’s development is now reaching the skies and beyond! The Himalayan nation is all set to

Published:: January 2, 2019
Nepal 2018 Highlights: Path of Progress Began!

Learning from the past, improving in the present and excelling in the future is the cycle

Published:: December 24, 2018
Management Courses on Demand in Nepal, Human Resources Lacking

There is a rapid shift in preferences for career choices among Nepali students in the recent

Published:: December 20, 2018
Brandfest 2018: Experts Call for Innovative Branding in Nepal

Nepal’s renowned platform for the advertising and marketing industry gathering, Brandfest has come back to woo

Published:: December 18, 2018
Digital Marketing, A Growing Trend in Nepal!

Digital trend seems to have picked up its due trend in Nepal! The growing number of

Published:: November 28, 2018
Nepal Welcomes First Hackers’ Meet ‘Threat Con’ 2018

Creating awareness on internet security and increasing the knowledge on ‘hacking literacy’, Nepal’s young research team

Published:: November 21, 2018
Digital Nepal: Transport Dept. to Implement GPS Services

Nepal Government has been actively adopting new digital solutions part of its public services. We heard

Published:: October 26, 2018
Spammy Digital Marketers, Key Suspects Behind Big Facebook Breach

In an interesting update around Facebook users getting hacked, the social networking giant said spammers could

Published:: October 19, 2018
Nepal for Technical Courses in Secondary School Education

Nepal is serious about inculcating technical education in its school education system. Nepal Minister for Education,

Published:: October 18, 2018

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