Friday 9th June 2023

Activists Demand Chief Justice of Nepal to be Investigated

They want the head of the judiciary to be probed for money laundry

Activists Demand Chief Justice of Nepal to be Investigated

Chief Justice Cholendra Rana has landed in the crosshairs of civil society leaders and activists. They are demanding an investigation be launched into the head of the judiciary for money laundering and indulgence in illegal activities.

Civil society group Govinda KC and Narayan Wagle approached the Department of Money Laundering Investigation with a complaint that stated their demand for investigation on Sunday.

The Chief Justice has been in hot water for the past few months as he has been accused of unfair practices which endangered judicial independence. The Chief Justice is, however, vehemently against the investigation demand.



Nepal Bar Association, the primary union body of all Nepali lawyers, has been demanding that the Chief Justice resigns from his post by staging different protests.

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