Friday 15th January 2021

Army Known for its Courage

When it comes to protecting the country, Nepal’s Gurkha soldiers are the most known for their courage.

A Capital Once a Huge Lake of Lotuses

Defined by its original name Kantipur that means ‘City of Glory’, Kathmandu is known for its

Shaligram, The Sacred Stone

Shailgram stones, most-revered in Hindu tradition, are found only in Nepal in the country’s River Kali

Sunday is a Working Day!

Sunday is a working day in Nepal and Saturday is their holiday. Unlike other countries, Nepalis

Yeti, A Legendary Creature

Nepal is also home to the legendary ape-like giant creature called Yeti. This creature also called

People of Nepal

Nepal has 28.98 million population. 81% of the Nepali population belongs to Hinduism, the only country with

48-Hour Long Handshake!

Two Nepali men Bikram Timilsina and his cousin Santosh Timilsina shook their hands for almost 48

A Reality Show That Made Social Impact

In the current trend, where reality shows are filled with gossips and celebrity talks, Nepal’s Integrity

A Municipality That Earns Millions from Garbage

Nepal’s Dhankuta Municipality earns around Rs 3 million per annum from the garden, which was made by burying

First Country to Launch Snow Leopard Protection Plan

Nepal is the first country to present an action plan towards conservation of snow leopards. Through

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