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5 Cafés Which Reflect the Serene Nature of Kathmandu

Nepal’s coffee shops are in a league of their own


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5 Cafés Which Reflect the Serene Nature of Kathmandu

Nepal is famous for its Himalayan beauties and culture, where people from all over the globe come to unwind.

While mountains and base camps are packed to the rafters with trekking enthusiasts, there are certain nooks and corners of the city where one can relax and enjoy the moment.

It is a tad challenging for tourists to locate these peaceful cafés as they are not lit up with a massive sign like the Starbucks siren.


Contrary to the general perception, these cafés are better than Starbucks and other coffee chains as one gets to sip on coffee nestled amidst the Himalayas and a lovely atmosphere.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at these cafés.

1) BIA Café

BIA Cafe

Located in Kimdole, Swayambhu, Bodhisattvas In Action or BIA is popular for its coffee and its book collection. Yes, this café has avid bookworms thronging this shop as it has shelves full of diverse books. The book collection will be the first to catch your eye when you visit BIA.

The tables, which are placed on the shelves, are stylized so that you feel that you are not in a concrete jungle. Sporting asymmetric shapes and brown finishes, the tables and books give the people who come over a homely feeling.

However, this is not a library to check out the books, and the café is yet to retail novels. So, it is better to set aside time to read the books while sipping on the coffee when one is heading over there.

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2) Café Soma

Cafe Soma

Café Soma is more of a bookstore than a coffee shop with bookshelves that extend to the ceiling. Yet, with ornate tables topped with a green slab of stone, this coffee shop has created a reading culture among the coffee lovers who visit it.

Situated in Jhamsikhel and Baluwatar, the café is famous for friendly catering staff who don’t shunt away the readers after a short time. So the customers can stay there for as long as they want. Sweetening the deal is that the customers can enjoy the food sold at the café.

3) Mo:mo la Palpasa Café

Mo:mo la Palpasa Cafe

Mo:mo la Palpasa Café is quite popular amongst coffee lovers as it serves excellent coffee. Established in Bhimsengola in the Baneshwar vicinity, the café offers a peaceful realm for the bookworms who want to forget their lives’ humdrum. The café’s ambiance is similar to a standard living room and offers momos its USP. The café is also thronged for its coffee beans, which have earned rave reviews from customers who also enjoy free wi-fi.

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4) Freak Street Kaffe

Freak Street Kaffe

Freak Street Kaffe is in the heart of Kathmandu, Basantapur, and is situated at Freak Street. It is pretty easy to spot this café, and geniality is in the air. As the other cafés in this blog, there are books loaded up on the beautiful beige shelves.

The store’s beauty is accentuated by the casual seating arrangements that are similar to the lawn chairs. In general, the café has enough visual assortments to make the ambiance aesthetically quaint.

5) Ujamma Koffie

Ujamma Koffie

Ujamma Koffie is the only café in this blog that issues a library card to its customers. This systematic streamlining has encouraged a lovely reading culture and has increased customer retention as one doesn’t have to stay there to read their books.

The café is in Shankhamul, and customers can relish the coffee while soaking in the knowledge from the political, historical, and other books. What betters the visit here is that the café is known to give discounts on their coffee. Overall, this is one café that takes customer loyalty seriously.

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Capping it off

Coffee with Book

As one can observe, Nepal has a lot to offer. One can soak in not just the Himalayan sights but also the culture of Nepal by visiting these cafés where books, pleasant atmosphere, and coffee go well. Unlike a library where one has to be silent, one can partake in fun and interact with the locals while downing the beverages and snacks which are unique to those cafés.

While one can get a mocha latte anytime in the coffee-chains, these cafés are unique to the region. So, when you are in Nepal, put on the exploration hat and wind off over a cup of coffee that can’t be found elsewhere.

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