Wednesday 1st July 2020

Nepal Unveils New Map Featuring ‘Extra’ 335 Sq Km Land

Despite the close linguistic, cultural and religious ties between Indians and Nepalis, the border disputes have

COVID-19 to Inflict ‘Extreme’ Poverty on 60 Million People

The coronavirus pandemic continues to march across the world while creating socioeconomic chaos in every country.

Nepal to Provide 2.6 Million Jobs Amid COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 recession has presented numerous challenges to every country including Nepal, making it difficult for

Nepal Reports 9 New COVID-19 Cases, Total Reaches 258

As per the coronavirus situation in the country, it seems that Nepal is following the traces

Nepal Lockdown: 5000 Stranded Foreigners Repatriated

Even after the enforcement of nationwide lockdown by the Nepali Government, the foreign governments have worked

Arthur Gunn Climbs to American Idol’s ‘Top 7’

The Nepali-American singer Dibesh Pokhrel, known by his stage name Arthur Gunn, has successfully made it

USA Reports 3.17 Million ‘Jobless’ Claims, Total Reaches 33.5 Million

The US is reeling under a pandemic-induced recession that has impeded all business activities and put

COVID-19 Nepalis: 5,247 Infected and 73 Dead Abroad

The coronavirus statistics by the Non-resident Nepali Association (NRNA) reveals that the situation of Nepalis living

COVID-19 Nepalis: 1000 Infected and 15 Dead in USA

According to the US Government, a Nepali national died from coronavirus on April 28, 2020, taking

USA, UK, Kuwait, Bahrain Sees Sudden Surge in ‘COVID-19 Nepalis’

A glance at the global coronavirus statistics reveals that the Nepalis living in their homeland are

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