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Avoid All Travel to Nepal: US Issues Advisory As COVID-19 Surge!

The US has put Nepal on Level 4 Travel Advisory, indicating a very high level of COVID-19 in the country.



Avoid All Travel to Nepal: US Issues Advisory As COVID-19 Surge!

As Nepal sees a sharp rise in coronavirus infection cases amid the second wave, the American Government has put the Himalayan country on Level 4 Travel Advisory, the highest level issued by the Department of State.

The current Level 4 Advisory asks US citizens to avoid traveling to Nepal or leave as soon as possible due to the ongoing health crisis in the country.

Issuing the Advisory on Wednesday, the American Government has also advised US citizens in Nepal to exercise increased caution due to the potential for isolated political violence.


Travel to Nepal

“Political demonstrations intended to be peaceful can sometimes escalate into violence and may be met with force by Nepali authorities,” it said.

The State Department also requested its citizens to read its COVID-19 page before planning any international travel.

Earlier, on May 7, the US Government permitted the voluntary departure of family members of US government employees and non-emergency US government employees from Nepal.

However, those who wish to leave Nepal are supposed to register with the US Embassy in Kathmandu and refer to the embassy’s official website for flight information.

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