Friday 21st June 2024

Nepali Armed Forces Head to South Sudan

This is a peacekeeping mission


Nepali Armed Forces Head to South Sudan

Nepal’s peacekeeping force left for South Sudan on Tuesday after United Nations called them forth. The force, which is the 8th Battalion of Chandannath, is led by Lieutenant Colonel Saroj Rana.

The Directorate of Public Relations and Information, 216 Nepali armed peacekeepers, departed from Kathmandu on Tuesday. The team will be replacing the Gorakh Bahadur Battalions’ 7th battalion.

This peacekeeping mission is being performed as Nepal contributes quite significantly to United Nations missions in various violence-afflicted countries.


Nepal is the second biggest country when it comes to contributing to the peacekeepers. The peacekeepers have been deployed in 43 different regions, and they amassed a lot of experience.

UN Mission Peacekeeping

With a total strength of 5,229 peacekeepers, which even house 200 women combatants, the Nepali peacekeepers are currently deployed in 12 UN missions.

Nepal has been contributing its efforts for peacekeeping missions despite the COVID-19 wreaking havoc across the world. 

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