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Nepali Prime Minister Dares former King Gyanendra to Contest in Elections

The Prime Minister warns the monarch not to threaten democracy


Nepali Prime Minister Dares former King Gyanendra to Contest in Elections

Prime Minister Sher Deuba upped the ante by daring the former Nepal King Gyanendra Shah to contest in the general elections if the latter wants to lead the Himalayan nation.


These remarks were delivered at a program organized by Ganeshman Memorial Foundation on Wednesday. The Prime Minister further added that the former King should not go against the democracy and stated that all should go contest in the elections if they wanted to administer Nepal.



The Prime Minister recalled how the former King imprisoned him for advocating democracy. Sher further warned that the King should not destabilize the current system of governance. 

Nepal King Gyanendra

“The republic was brought in by King Gyanendra, not us. I told him I can go against anything but democracy. I was put into prison for that, which enraged the public. I told him to move forward with the electoral process to lead the country. Just because they did not want to go for election, they went against democracy,” said the Prime Minister.

 “We have a very good constitution at the moment. Although there are some problems, we will resolve them in a democratic manner.” 


The Prime Minister stated the Nepali’s biggest asset is their democracy.


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