Friday 12th July 2024

Tell Us a Great Story!

Over the period, we have been covering on a wide range of topics (refer to our sections) related to Nepal and Nepalis across the world.

At the same time, we always feel some external force could also take our efforts in achieving the intended purpose of keeping our readers abreast of Nepal and its developments. Resultant of that idea is this section!

Maybe, you would have had some interesting story that we might have missed out or lack needed media coverage. Keep away the worries, we are here! We welcome your sincere efforts for a cause.

Now, you can also ‘Contribute’ to us on any of the categories that we have been covering on our website. More than a contributor, we love to call you a collaborator!

You can send us your submission to

A set of guidelines could make things clear:

  • Ensure the content has genuine and accurate information
  • We would love to invite a straight and simple story-telling that is reader-friendly. Ensure simple and effective content.
  • Please check the published stories for content format and kindly send us a similar way to ease the process
  • Please don’t forget to include the author bio that helps us ensure legitimacy to our readers
  • A typical news story can range from 400-500 words, and the sky is the limit for any feature/special story, provided the content is straight and simple.
  • Please ensure the submission you are making to us is not published elsewhere.
  • We prefer to go more in an informative manner stories that creates controversies will undergo a tight review process and the final decision lies with our editors.
  • Please don’t send us promotional content that speaks about organizations, products, individuals until and unless it’s something pertaining to an audience of all types and has come informative angle.
  • Please ensure you don’t land up in any copyright issues with regard to images or copying of sentences from elsewhere without proper citations. Be candid about credits and links.
  • Please ensure the document is attached to the email and is in regular Microsoft Word readable and editable format.
  • Maybe little delay in rare cases, but we care for your response and will try to be as responsive as possible.

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