Tuesday 13th April 2021

A Rare, Golden Turtle Discovered in Nepal For First Time!

Nepal made headlines around the world after a rare, golden turtle has been discovered in the

Nepal Sets ‘Guinness World Record’ For Mt Everest Clean-up Drive!

Nepal has achieved a new Guinness World Record of ‘The Largest Clean-up of Mount Everest’ for

Nepal Begins Preparation for 2020 Autumn Tourist Season!

In a bid to boost the tourism economy, the Nepali Government on Thursday resumed the mountaineering

Foreign Tourists Stranded in Nepal Appeal for Visa Term Extension!

Earlier in June, the Nepali Government has decided to impose extension and overstay fees as well

Nepali Tourism Entrepreneurs Urge ‘50% Waiver’ on Electricity Bill!

The coronavirus pandemic has incurred loss to every business in Nepal due to the nationwide lockdown

Nepal Hotels Unveil Uniform Payout Structure Amid Coronavirus Crisis!

The year 2020 was supposed to be a big year for Nepali tourism with the ‘Visit

Live News! Nepal Continues to Reel Under Monsoon Havoc!

As Monsoon 2020 kicks fully into gear, Nepal is being severely hit by multiple landslides and

Nepal to Attract ‘2.5 Million Tourists’ by 2025

The implications of coronavirus pandemic are limitless, reaching even the smallest countries including Nepal, where the

Apple/Google Labels ‘Mount Everest’ in China!

Apart from the border dispute with India, Nepal seems to be indulged in another territory-related chaos.

COVID-19 Clears Air for Mt Everest ‘Visibility’ From 123 Miles

So far, Nepal has reported 444 coronavirus positive cases and two death cases. However, 45 patients

Nepal to Announce ‘New’ Height of Mt. Everest

The Nepali Department of Survey has completed the measurement of the height of Mount Everest that

NTB Meets With Private Sector Representatives to Discuss Recovery Plan

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) met with the Tourism Associations on May 3, 2020, to discuss tourism

Nepal Tourism Board Launches ‘Nepal from Your Window’

In a bid to alleviate the boredom inflicted by COVID-19 lockdown, the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB)

Nepal Weekly News Round-up: March 30-April 3, 2020

We have seen some horrifying news updates related to coronavirus this week. All social media platforms,

COVID-19: Another Blow to Nepal’s Economy

So far, Nepal has reported only five coronavirus cases and somehow managed to escape the worst.

Nepal Celebrates ‘Happy’ and ‘Safe’ Ram Navami 2020

‘Rama Navami‘ is a Hindu festival celebrated in honor and memory of Lord Rama. The festival

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