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Nepali tourism operators ask the country be opened for tourists

Nepal relies heavily on tourism for revenue




Nepali tourism operators ask the country be opened for tourists

Nepal tourism sector has rallied together to ask the government to ratify Nepal as a country open to tourists. The tourism operators felt that they could proceed with the tourism activities as coronavirus intensity has subsided drastically.

They opined that the Himalayan nation is now a safe destination for tourism as the country has reigned in the coronavirus spread nationally. Additionally, most of the people employed in the tourism sector are vaccinated.

The operators held a meeting in Kathmandu on Monday and asked that the government remove the COVID-19 restrictions hampering tourism activities for completely vaccinated tourists and furnish the visas to the tourists on arrival. They also asked the government to publicize that Nepal is a safe destination for tourism on a global scale.


At the meeting, Sarita Lama, the General Secretary of Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal, emphasized the urgency of this decision as Nepal’s tourism activity peaks from September to November. If the decision is not taken in time, the tourism industry could be hit.

Trekking Agencies' Association of Nepal (TAAN)

Raj Gyawali, an entrepreneur, said that the government should act immediately and issue an advisory that the country is safe for tourists.

The chief of the immigration department, Jhanka Nath Dhakal, was optimistic about granting the visa on arrival for tourists and about issuing an advisory. However, he stated that the cabinet would have to ratify the demands put forth.

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