Friday 9th June 2023

Conspiracy Afoot to Weaken Nepali Democracy: Shankar Pokhrel

The political leader feels that the brewing judiciary is a conspiracy


Conspiracy Afoot to Weaken Nepali Democracy: Shankar Pokhrel

Shankar Pokhrel, CPN-UML leader, opined that the judiciary dispute happening at Supreme Court is nothing but a game to weaken democracy. He stated that the agitation launch is also a game with the same motive.

Pokhrel spoke out against the Supreme Court dispute at a press conferenced arranged by Press Chautari Nepal. He emphasized that the judicial proceedings should not be held hostage by the legal practitioners and by those who know law.

The CPN-UML leader opined that people are frustrated due to the stoppage of activities which were initiated by KP Oli administration. These were the activities which were founded for people’s necessity.


Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist Centre)

Pokhrel, who was the former Chief Minister of Lumbini Province, pointed out that the scrapping of 1,400 road projects spearheaded by Oli’s administration impacted the national economy adversely.

“Although the CPN (UML) is out of the government, it is always with the people and is currently focused on the upcoming general convention,” he stated.

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