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  • USA Nepal News: Latest, Breaking News about Nepalis in US
    Friday 23rd February 2024

    Prez Trump Suspends New Green Cards, Work Visas; Foreign Workers in Dismay!

    US President Donald Trump has put a high emphasis on immigration services as he launches his

    130 Nepalese Died from COVID-19 in Foreign Countries

    According to the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), three Nepalis in Qatar died due to coronavirus infection

    Watch Live Stream – Total Solar Eclipse 2020 in Nepal!

    Solar and lunar eclipses are spectacular and unique cosmic events that highly interests the people, irrespective

    Nepal Publicizes ‘NPR 8.39 Billion’ Spending on ‘COVID-19 Response’

    The sudden surge in the coronavirus infection cases since the last two weeks has led to

    US Grants USD 5.5 Million COVID-19 Assistance to Nepal

    So far, Nepal has recorded 4,614 COVID-19 positive cases and 16 death cases. However, 861 patients

    COVID-19 Update: 40% of COVID-19 Transmissions From ‘Asymptotic’ Patients: WHO

    So far, Nepal has reported 4,085 COVID-19 positive cases and 15 death cases. Currently, there are

    Live! Nepal COVID-19 Count Nears 3,500, Deaths at 14

    According to the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), Nepal has recorded 213 new COVID-19 cases

    Nepal Repatriates Citizens Stranded in Myanmar, UAE

    The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the lives of tens of thousands of Nepali migrant workers stranded

    COVID-19 Live Update: Nepal Curve Continues to Rise, Tally Nears 3,000

    The COVID-19 cases in Nepal nearly doubled in the last month, and given the rate of

    Nepal Income Tax Slab Rates for FY 2077-78 B.S. (2020-21)

    With more aspirations and strong will to tap the additional economic potential, the Nepal Government presented

    Nepalis Obliged to Clear Income Tax Dues by ‘June 7’

    Even though people are reeling under financial hardships caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Nepali Government

    COVID-19 Crisis: 4.8% of Working Hours Lost in Q1 2020, Youth Hit Badly!

    The COVID-19 crisis has hit the economic activity very badly, deepening further the unemployment rate among

    Nepal Reports 226 New COVID-19 Cases, Tally Reaches 1,811

    So far, Nepal has reported 1,811 COVID-19 positive cases and eight death cases. However, 189 patients

    Prez Trump Issues ‘Executive Order’ Against Social Media

    While the US is reeling under drastic implications of coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump is involved

    Nepal Federal Budget 2020/21: Highlights and Key Announcements

    Amid the criticism for not meeting the goals and targets of the previous budgets, Nepal’s new

    COVID-19 Confines Nepal’s Economic Growth to 2.3%

    So far, Nepal has recorded 778 coronavirus infection cases and four death cases. Currently, 598 patients

    Live Update: Nepal Reports 79 New COVID-19 Cases, Tally at 682

    So far, Nepal has reported 682 coronavirus infection cases and four death cases. Currently, the active

    Apple/Google Labels ‘Mount Everest’ in China!

    Apart from the border dispute with India, Nepal seems to be indulged in another territory-related chaos.

    Global COVID-19 Cases Top 5 Million, Deaths Over 330000

    The coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the world restricting billions of people to their homes

    Coronavirus Nepal News (May 21): COVID-19 Cases Rise to 457, Deaths 3

    In the last 24 hours, Nepal has reported 30 new COVID-19 positive cases, taking the total

    American Idol 2020: Arthur Gunn Clinches ‘Runner-up Title’

    The Nepali-American singer Dibesh Pokhrel, known by his stage name ‘Arthur Gunn’, has clinched the first

    Nepal Unveils New Map Featuring ‘Extra’ 335 Sq Km Land

    Despite the close linguistic, cultural and religious ties between Indians and Nepalis, the border disputes have

    COVID-19 to Inflict ‘Extreme’ Poverty on 60 Million People

    The coronavirus pandemic continues to march across the world while creating socioeconomic chaos in every country.


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