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Live! Nepal COVID-19 Count Nears 3,500, Deaths at 14

It took just 5 days for the count to rise from 2,100 cases (on June 2) to 3,500.





Live! Nepal COVID-19 Count Nears 3,500, Deaths at 14

According to the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), Nepal has recorded 213 new COVID-19 cases in the last on June 7, taking the country’s count to 3,448.

Even though coronavirus pandemic has spread to all the states, only Province 2, 5 and Karnali have reported more than 70% of Nepal’s 3,448 cases.

The three mentioned states had recorded 2,875 COVID-19 infection cases. Province 2 has the highest number of cases with 1,181, followed by Province 5 with 1,081 and Karnali with 633.


These trends indicated that the coronavirus spread is yet to spike in four other states including Province 1, Gandaki, Bagmati, and Sudurpaschim.

As of today, Province 1 has 258 COVID-19 cases, Gandaki has 69, Sudurpaschim has 103, and Bagmati has 94.

So far, the Nepali Government has tested 240,254 samples with 95205 tests through Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) method and 145,049 through Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDT) method.

Meanwhile, Nepal has reported one new COVID-19 death case in Gandaki Province on June 8, taking the nation’s death tally to 14.

According to the Social Development Ministry of Gandaki Province, a 60-year-old man of Waling municipality-3 in Syangja district has lost life while undergoing treatment.

Meanwhile, 102 COVID-19 patients were discharged after recovery from various hospitals in the last 24 hours.

Province-wise COVID-19 Situation

Province  COVID-19 Cases Deaths  Recovered  Active Cases  Quarantined 
Province 1 258 0 63 195 4,388
Province 2 1,080 1 156 923 22,232
Bagmati 94 3 17 77 3,195
Gandaki 69 1 2 66 5,363
Province 5 1,058 4 79 975 39,897
Karnali 579 3 7 569 32,082
Sudoorpaschim 103 2 6 95 63,575
Total 3,448 14 467 2,967 170,732

The situation of Nepalis Abroad Gets Better

While the COVID-19 situation in Nepal is becoming worse with time, the condition of Nepali migrant workers living in 34 foreign countries is becoming normal.

According to the Non-Resident Nepalese Association (NRNA), the number of deaths from coronavirus infection has dropped drastically in the Nepali Diaspora community worldwide.

NRNA Coordinator Dr. Sanjeev Sapkota stated that the COVID-19 infection rate among Nepali migrant workers dropped by 75% compared to the last week.

In the last week, 4 Nepalis died of COVID-19 in Qatar and one in Kuwait and the UK.

So far, the coronavirus has infected 14,454 Nepalis living abroad while claiming 125 lives. Meanwhile, a total of 5,590 Nepalis were recovered from COVID-19 till June 6.

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