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Apple/Google Labels ‘Mount Everest’ in China!

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Apple/Google Labels ‘Mount Everest’ in China!

Apart from the border dispute with India, Nepal seems to be indulged in another territory-related chaos. However, it is just a technological error.

Hollywood Insider has launched an online petition requesting Google and Apple to correct their maps and label ‘Mount Everest‘ correctly inside Nepal.

While the editorial team at Hollywood Insider is searching for natural wonders of earth and their locations, they found a significant error on Google Maps and iPhone Maps.


The error was Mt. Everest being labeled inside Tibet/China.

Apple/Google Map Labels 'Mount Everest' in China!

“This mistake is more significant than a simple technological error. It has stripped Nepal of its natural wonder, its national landmark and significant recognition for their homeland,” exclaimed Insider.

Mount Everest location from google maps

Mount Everest location from google maps

When someone searches for ‘Mt Everest’ in Google Maps, the map is showing the location of Mt. Everest as Tingri County, Shigatse, Tibet, China.

Apple/Google Labels 'Mount Everest' in China!

According to a 1960 Border Resolution Agreement, the Southern slope of Mt. Everest belongs to Nepal while the Northern slope to Tibet/China.

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Moreover, the Nepal-China border would pass through the summit of Mt. Everest.

Meanwhile, Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, an international map expert, has confirmed that the location of Mt. Everest, being labeled in China, is entirely wrong.

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