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Global COVID-19 Cases Top 5 Million, Deaths Over 330000

So far, the US has reported 1,621,196 coronavirus positive cases and 96,359 death cases.




Global COVID-19 Cases Top 5 Million, Deaths Over 330000

The coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the world restricting billions of people to their homes as the health sector scrambles to cope.

The average number of daily COVID-19 cases worldwide over the past week was more than 91,000, higher since the outbreak.

The coronavirus figure crossed 4 million-mark within 11 days while it took 12 days to cross 5 million mark.


In the last 24 hours, around 107,085 COVID-19 positive cases were reported globally, the most in a single day since the outbreak.

Global COVID-19 Cases

The COVID-19 footprint is as follows

Total COVID-19 Cases Days Taken for Each Million Cases
0 to 1 million 93
1 million to 2 million 13
2 million to 3 million 12
3 million to 4 million 11
4 million to 5 million 12

As of today, the coronavirus has infected 5,213,496 people across 213 countries and territories and claimed 334,989 lives.

Currently, 2,784,274 patients are undergoing treatment across the world while 2,093,820 patients were recovered and discharged. Among the active cases, 2,738,671 patients are in mild condition and 45,603 are in serious condition.

Brazil, Russia and India are emerging as the new COVID-19 hotspots while the US continues to be on top of the list of countries recording new cases.

So far, the US has reported 1,621,196 coronavirus positive cases and 96,359 death cases.

New York is the highly affected state in the US with infection cases more than any other country. The state has reported 366,357 coronavirus infection cases and 28,885 death cases so far.

Spain, UK, Italy, France, and Germany are other countries highly affected by COVID-19.

However, conditions seem to improve or stabilize in parts of Western Europe and the US inciting some governments to ease lockdown restrictions cautiously.

For instance, the Scottish Government has decided to ease lockdown measures with some new rules from May 28.

Likewise, Japan has decided to lift the state of emergency for the regions of Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo.

Meanwhile, Nepal has reported 487 COVID-19 cases and 3 death cases. However, 49 patients were recovered successfully.

Major Countries Affected by COVID-19:

  • USA – 1,621,196 cases, 96,359 deaths
  • Russia – 326,448 cases, 3,249 deaths
  • Brazil – 310,921 cases, 20,082 deaths
  • Spain – 280,117 cases, 27,940 deaths
  • UK – 250,908 cases, 36,042 deaths
  • Italy – 228,006 cases, 32,486 deaths
  • France – 181,826 cases, 28,215 deaths
  • Germany – 179,021 cases, 8,309 deaths
  • Turkey – 153,548 cases, 4,249 deaths
  • Iran – 129,341 cases, 7,249 deaths
  • India – 119,419 cases, 3,599 deaths

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