Thursday 8th June 2023

US Grants USD 5.5 Million COVID-19 Assistance to Nepal

The new funding will address the second-order impacts of COVID-19 in Nepal.




US Grants USD 5.5 Million COVID-19 Assistance to Nepal

So far, Nepal has recorded 4,614 COVID-19 positive cases and 16 death cases. However, 861 patients recovered successfully. 

As of today, the coronavirus cases across the world touched 7,597,341, and the death toll soared to 423,844. Currently, there are 3,331,960 active cases and 3,841,537 recovery cases. 

The USA remains the worst-hit country in the world, with 2,089,701 COVID-19 infection cases and 116,034 death cases.


COVID-19 in Nepal

Covid19 Nepal

Despite stringent lockdown measures, the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread in Nepal, pushing the healthcare system to the verge of a breakdown.

In need of the hour, the US Government has announced an additional USD 5.5 million to mitigate the second-order impacts of COVID-19 in Nepal.

Through the US Agency for International Development (USAID), this new funding brings America’s COVID-19 assistance to Nepal to a total of USD 7.3 million.

The USAID will assist Nepal in the following ways:

  • Mobilize finance essential to economic recovery for small businesses
  • Improving existing partnerships to address urgent needs within hard-hit municipalities
  • Assist local authorities and institutions in vulnerable communities to address the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19
  • Provide health assistance funding to conduct community-level risk-communications
  • Prepare laboratory systems
  • Activate case-finding and surveillance
  • Support technical experts for COVID-19 response and preparedness

“Times of crisis like these are the truest test of a partnership, and we remain committed to building a more resilient, healthy, prosperous, and self-reliant Nepal during these hard times and beyond,” said US Ambassador Randy Berry.

Randy Berry US Ambassador to Nepal

The United States’ partnership with the Nepali Government spans over 70 overs and includes above USD 1.5 billion to support Nepal’s development.

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