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Nepal Remains at 170th Position in Latest FIFA Rankings




Nepal Remains at 170th Position in Latest FIFA Rankings

The coronavirus pandemic has led to the cancellation of all the international football matches since the last edition. This, in turn, affected the latest FIFA World Rankings, which remains unchanged.

Nepal football team has retained the 170th position in the latest FIFA rankings released on June 10, 2020. Nepal has 974 points and has not gained or lost any.

In the new rankings, Nepal is in the third position among the SAARC countries.


Rankings of SAARC Countries

Country  World Ranking Points 
India 108 1187
Maldives 155 1038
Nepal 170 974
Bhutan 189 911
Bangladesh 187 914
Pakistan 200 867
Sri Lanka 206 853

Meanwhile, Belgium has retained its top position ahead of France and Brazil. England and Uruguay continue to remain at fourth and fifth positions respectively followed by Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, and Colombia

The top 10 countries in the latest FIFA Rankings are as follows

Country  Rank Points 
Belgium 1 1765
France 2 1733
Brazil 3 1712
England 4 1661
Uruguay 5 1645
Croatia 6 1642
Portugal 7 1639
Spain 8 1636
Argentina 9 1623
Colombia 10 1622

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