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  • USA to provide COVID-19 vaccine aid to Nepal
    Saturday 20th April 2024

    USA to provide COVID-19 vaccine aid to Nepal

    The American nation announced humanitarian aid to other countries apart across the world




    USA to provide COVID-19 vaccine aid to Nepal

    The Biden administration announced vaccine aid to various Asian, African, and South American countries. Nepal is one of the countries which will receive aid.

    The American government had previously announced vaccine support to Nepal earlier this month also. Although the number of vaccine doses has not been announced, they are set to arrive within June, globally.

    The vaccines will be transferred via the WHO Covax program.


    Nepal and USA

    Under the same program, the White House announced earlier this week that about 16 million vaccine doses would be delivered to the following Asian nations:

    • India
    • Nepal
    • Bangladesh
    • Pakistan
    • Sri Lanka
    • Afghanistan
    • the Maldives
    • Bhutan
    • the Philippines
    • Vietnam
    • Indonesia
    • Thailand
    • Malaysia
    • Laos
    • Papua New Guinea
    • Taiwan
    • Cambodia
    • Pacific Islands

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