Saturday 18th March 2023

People of Nepal

Nepal has 28.98 million population. 81% of the Nepali population belongs to Hinduism, the only country with

48-Hour Long Handshake!

Two Nepali men Bikram Timilsina and his cousin Santosh Timilsina shook their hands for almost 48

A Reality Show That Made Social Impact

In the current trend, where reality shows are filled with gossips and celebrity talks, Nepal’s Integrity

A Municipality That Earns Millions from Garbage

Nepal’s Dhankuta Municipality earns around Rs 3 million per annum from the garden, which was made by burying

First Country to Launch Snow Leopard Protection Plan

Nepal is the first country to present an action plan towards conservation of snow leopards. Through

Only Jyotirling Outside India

India has 12 jyotirlingas considered as the symbolic representation of Lord Shiva. Of the 12 shrines

A Country Where Young Girls Are Worshiped

Kanya Puja, one of the famous festivals in Nepal, witnesses worshipping of young pre-pubescent girls as

Adventure at Its Best

Nepal is well-known for its adventurous locations and trekking spots. The country has world’s famous trekking

Contribution to Global Ecosystem

19 % of Nepal’s landmass is covered by National Park and Protected Zone. The country’s largest

No Foreign Invasion

Nepal was never colonized by British and does’t celebrate Independence Day as it was never occupied.

Pride of Culture And Rich Heritage

Nepal is known for its rich culture and heritage with the birthplace of Lord Buddha (in

Outstanding Bio-diversity Profile

Called as Amazon of Asia, Nepal holds great value for bio-diversity with exploration still underway. The

Extreme Places on Earth

Nepal has the most extreme places on the earth, such as the highest lake called Tilicho

A Unique Geography

Nepal is home to the world’s highest mountain peak Mount Everest (8,848 meters above sea level)

World’s Highest Altitude Hamlet

Dho Tarap of Nepal is the world’s highest human settlement located at an altitude of 4,080

Bird Brother of Nepal

Gautam Sapkota of Hetauda imitates bird sounds and communicates with them as a friend. Gautam utilized

World’s Youngest Movie Director

Do you know? A Nepali kid, Saugat Bista, shot a full-length feature film at the age

World’s Shortest Man

Chandra Bahadur Dangi (November 30, 1939-September 3, 2015) of Kalimati, Salyan District is the world’s shortest

One-legged Dancer

Roma Neupane from Ithari lost her left leg in an accident at the age of 8


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