Friday 22nd November 2019

Nepal at Risk of Losing 37 Languages

Nepal is on the verge of losing 37 indigenous languages, says Nepal Language Commission Chairman Lavadev

Published:: June 25, 2019
Guthi Bill Withdrawn Amidst Rising Protests

In the latest update to the controversial Guthi Bill, the Nepal Government has withdrawn the related

Published:: June 19, 2019
2015 Nepal Earthquake Reconstruction – Nuwakot Durbar Restoration Begins

The reconstruction work of the erstwhile Nuwakot Durbar has started in full swing, four years after

Published:: June 19, 2019
Nepal Magar Community Observes ‘Bhumya’

Nepal celebrated the Bhumya Festival on June 17, 2019. Women from the Magar community performed the

Published:: June 18, 2019
Visit Nepal 2020 – Nepal Moves Global as ‘Fountain of Buddhism’

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) organized the Nepal Sales Mission at major European cities such as Brussels,

Published:: June 18, 2019
Ranipokhari Construction to be Completed By Tihar

The reconstruction of the historical Ranipokhari pond is set for completion by the end of Tihar

Published:: June 17, 2019
An Audience With Karna Sakya “Tourism With Purpose”

With #VisitNepal2020 in offing, Nepal sorely needs a new vision, new energy and a new sense of

Published:: June 14, 2019
9.276 Kg Gold, NPR 1.3 Bn Cash Owned By Pashupatinath Temple

A recent government report revealed that the famous Pashupatinath temple owns 9.276 kg of gold and

Published:: June 6, 2019
World Muslim Community Celebrates Eid

The holy month of Ramazan comes to an end as Muslims across the world celebrate Eid Al

Published:: June 5, 2019
Nepal’s Bhoto Jatra 2019 Day Announced!

Nepalis mark your calendars for your favorite festival! June 09, 2019 has been fixed to display

Published:: May 24, 2019
Meet the ‘Living Goddess’ of Nepal

There are living, breathing goddesses in Nepal. Known as Kumaris, these goddesses are prepubescent girls believed

Published:: May 21, 2019
Nepal’s Literary Expert Satya Mohan Joshi Turns 100

Nepal’s culture expert Satya Mohan Joshi is successfully celebrating his 100th year birthday on May 13,

Published:: May 13, 2019
Bandana Nepal, Guinness Record Holder for ‘Longest Dancing Marathon by an Individual’

Nepal has bagged another milestone achievement in the Guinness World Records! Do you remember the 18-year-old

Published:: May 8, 2019

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