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Nepal to Observe World Nepali Lit Festival

Around 200 litterateurs from Nepal and other countries will participate in the festival




Nepal to Observe World Nepali Lit Festival

Nepal is all set to observe the World Nepali Literature Festival from February 26 to March 3, 2020.

The Sudur Paschimanchal Literary Society will organize the Literature Festival in Dhangadhi, Sudur Paschim State.

According to the Society President, Ram Lal Joshi, the festival is being organized to promote the literature, art and culture of the Sudur Paschim (far-west) region, as well as other places.


Around 200 litterateurs and writers from Nepal and other countries including India, Bhutan, Burma, America and Bangladesh will participate in the festival.

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Along with the Literature Festival, a food festival  is also being hosted at the same venue.

Hotel Entrepreneurs Association Kailali will host the food festival.

The main attraction of the food festival will be the preparation of phado soup, a specialty of the Sudur Paschim region, in a 1,000 liters capacity pot.

According to the Association President, Kamal Bom, 25 stalls featuring local dishes will be arranged during the festival.

Earlier, Nepal organized the 8th edition of IME Nepal Literature Festival in Pokhara on December 13-16, 2019.

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