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37 People Die in Accidents During Dashain

The accidents occurred in Karnali


37 People Die in Accidents During Dashain

During Dashain, a total of 21 accidents have occurred in Karnali and 37 people have died during the same period, stated the Provincial Police Office, Surkhet.

The biggest accident during this period occurred in Mugu on October 12 where 32 people died.

Another 13 were injured in this accident which occurred on a bus which was heading to Mugu district headquarters.


The bus had begun from Nepalgunj and it met the accident in Chhayannath Rara Municipality over the Pinatpane River.

Also, 3 people died and 22 people were injured in nine more accidents in Surkhet, two more individuals have died in Rukum West and Jumla, seven more injured in four accidents in Dailekh and 16 more people sustained injuries in two more accidents in Salyan, stated Inspector Jeevan Lamichhane.

Die in Accidents on Dashain

A couple of more accidents occurred in Mugu. An accident each occurred in Jajarkot, Rukum West, Jumla, and Kalikot. Apart from these mortalities, 11 people have committed suicide during this period.

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