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Nepal Magar Community Observes ‘Bhumya’

Nepal celebrated the Bhumya Festival on June 17, 2019. Women from the Magar community performed the

Visit Nepal 2020 – Nepal Moves Global as ‘Fountain of Buddhism’

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) organized the Nepal Sales Mission at major European cities such as Brussels,

Ranipokhari Construction to be Completed By Tihar

The reconstruction of the historical Ranipokhari pond is set for completion by the end of Tihar

An Audience With Karna Sakya “Tourism With Purpose”

With #VisitNepal2020 in offing, Nepal sorely needs a new vision, new energy and a new sense of

9.276 Kg Gold, NPR 1.3 Bn Cash Owned By Pashupatinath Temple

A recent government report revealed that the famous Pashupatinath temple owns 9.276 kg of gold and

World Muslim Community Celebrates Eid

The holy month of Ramazan comes to an end as Muslims across the world celebrate Eid Al

Nepal’s Bhoto Jatra 2019 Day Announced!

Nepalis mark your calendars for your favorite festival! June 09, 2019 has been fixed to display

Meet the ‘Living Goddess’ of Nepal

There are living, breathing goddesses in Nepal. Known as Kumaris, these goddesses are prepubescent girls believed

Nepal’s Literary Expert Satya Mohan Joshi Turns 100

Nepal’s culture expert Satya Mohan Joshi is successfully celebrating his 100th year birthday on May 13,

Bandana Nepal, Guinness Record Holder for ‘Longest Dancing Marathon by an Individual’

Nepal has bagged another milestone achievement in the Guinness World Records! Do you remember the 18-year-old

Month-long Ramadan 2019 Begins in Nepal

‘Ramadan’, the holy annual festival for the world Muslim community has finally arrived! In line with

Nepal State 5 Launches ‘Visit Lumbini 2076’ Campaign

In the latest update on the Nepal Tourism Industry, the State 5 Government launched a publicity

Karnali’s Traditional Dance Hudke Slowly Fading

Nepali traditions are facing a challenge from modernization and this is evident with the recent decline

Nepal to Build ‘Heritage Trail’ Connecting Hanuman Dhoka and Swayambhunath

Nepal, the land of Heritage sites, is gearing up to connect the famous Swayambhunath Temple with

Nepal Yak Festival 2019 Promotes Eco-tourism

In a move promoting conservation of wildlife, eco-tourism and cross border tourism, Nepal hosted a 3rd

Nepal New Year 2076: Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign from Pokhara!

As planned, the prestigious Visit Nepal Year 2020 (VNY 2020) campaign has finally begun from Pokhara!

Nepal New Year 2076 BS Arrives, Calls for ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’!

57 years ahead of the English calendar, Nepal welcomed its ‘New Year 2076 BS’ on April

Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign – A Drive for 2 Million Tourist Arrivals

Tourism is the word that connects the world! Be it exchange of knowledge, culture, people-people and

The Buddha – Life, Journey and Significance

Many of us are not Buddhists or don’t even follow the principles of Buddhism but almost

Nepal Celebrates Ghode Jatra, The ‘Horse Racing Festival’

Nepal’s annual ‘Ghode Jatra‘ or ‘Horse Racing Festival’ has made its way for 2019! The country

Architectural Wonders – World’s Top 15 Buddha Statues

Buddha, the enlightened one, who inspired many generations with his wisdom & knowledge, does so even

Nepal’s Top Pilgrimage Sites – The Abode of Spirituality

The abode of the creator and the land for some of the most holiest apparitions, Nepal

Kathmandu – 19th Best World Tourism Destination in 2019!

In an exciting update for Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city was ranked 19th out of the 25

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