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Job Opportunities in Nepal: A Glance at Potential Sectors, Scope!

Start-up and entrepreneurship are two burgeoning trends in Nepal as of now
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Job Opportunities in Nepal: A Glance at Potential Sectors, Scope!

Nepal is one among the world nations with majority youth population!

Given this fact, the country has always been open for wide range of opportunities, investment and proposals from foreign nations. All is to ensure better livelihood and career opportunities for its young citizens!

This wish of the Himalayan Nation is growing in size with the reported rise in number of its youngsters leaving the country for career opportunities abroad.



Now, local development and generating employment locally remain to be two key agendas of the Nepal Government to provide an alternative to the rising number of migrants leaving for foreign destinations.

Towards this end, the government has already announced plans for local skill development and employment laws in a move to ensure more opportunities for Nepali citizens, especially youth.

Besides, Nepal as a fast-developing country, also presents scope for enormous employment opportunities across its various sectors including government and private sectors undergoing fast-paced development.

Some of the key high-potential public sector areas offering larger scope for youth employment and career opportunities in Nepal, through their ongoing development, in the current scenario include:

  • Hydropower
  • Transport Infrastructure
  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Agriculture
  • Industrial Sector
  • Logistics & Services
  • Public Policy
  • Digital Governance
  • Local-level groups such as District Health Groups, Community Welfare Centers, etc.,
  • Think-tanks and various other local, provincial and central government departments

Aforementioned are some areas undergoing fast-paced development with both government and private sector participation.

Coming to other side of the Nepali society, there are also fast-paced private career opportunities stemming up across the country. Some of the encouraging trends showcasing high employment scope for Nepali youth in other areas, other than public sector, include:

As the reports say, there is a high rate of demand for government jobs among youth from provinces. According to the Public Service Commission (PSC), job applicants to the department has increased almost six-fold in a decade period. The Department’s 59th Annual Report puts Province 2 on the top of other provinces for such jobs.

Besides aforementioned opportunities that come as official notifications or via mouth talk, there might also be some good opportunities that can go unnoticed. As a solution to this, a good number of job portals in Nepal are operating on a regular basis looking every nook and corner of the country to keep the citizens informed about every new job opportunity along with offering them career counselling solutions.

Here are some of the top job portal and career counselling portals:

  • Merojob
  • Jobs Nepal
  • RamroJob
  • Kantipur Job
  • Mero Rojgari
  • Kumari Jobs

What World Bank Says?
In its report titled ‘Jobless Growth?’, the World Bank reports that Nepal needs to create more jobs to meet the employment needs of the gradually-growing working age population. “Every month, the working age population increases by 35,000 people and Nepal must create 286,900 jobs a year to maintain its employment rate,” reads WB report.

“Providing opportunities to these young entrants while attracting more women into the labor market will require generating even more jobs for every point of economic growth,” says Martin Rama, World Bank South Asia Region Chief Economist.

Government Efforts Underway!
Nepal Government has been making its efforts to address the situation in multiple ways.

Event the Budget FY 2018-19 has also dwelled more on creating sufficient job opportunities locally. Skill development is one step in the process that the Ministry of Labor has already announced as a measure to retain more local talents from going abroad to most-sought destinations such as Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Australia, etc.

It’s alarming that around 512,000 youth leave the local market for foreign job opportunities, annually!

According to International Labor Organization, 63.7 percent of Nepal’s overall population are aged below 30 years and 19.2 percent of the youth in the age group of 15-29 years are facing unemployment.

Hope the ongoing developing and upcoming projects would provide needed scope for Nepali youth to earn their livelihood, locally, thus contributing to the homeland development.

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