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Offbeat Activities that One Should Not Miss out in Nepal

One can do a lot more than trekking in the Himalayan nation

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Offbeat Activities that One Should Not Miss out in Nepal

Nepal is one of the most popular tourist hubs in South East Asia. Tourists from across the world throng the Asian nation to soak themselves in the mesmerizing beauty of the Himalayas.

The pristine Himalayas pose a trekking challenge to tourists and Nepalis alike, but replete one with delightful surprises. Apart from trekking, one can do a great deal of many things in Nepal. Ranging from rafting to bungee jumping, Nepal has a lot to offer to adventure- and thrill-seekers.

However, these activities are somewhat offbeat as Nepal’s main attraction has always been trekking.


In this article, we shall explore the offbeat activities which are relatively lesser known to the world.

1) Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is one of the most popular activities among adventurists. While trekking is all about meticulously climbing the mountains, bungee is about jumping off from a high point with a tether attached. Thankfully, Nepal boasts this activity. The Last Resort in Sindhupalchok offers bungee jumping to the seekers.

Apart from this resort, the activity has been opened up in other locations as well. The High Grounds Adventure in Pokhara, and the suspension bridge in Kusma, offer the thrill of bungee jumping. This is one of the activities which is catching up with the others.

2) Rafting


Nepal’s Himalayan rivers are a different experience in itself. The rivers of Nepal are gorgeous and pack turbidity enough to provide a memorable rafting experience. The excitement and the deafening sound of the rapids make the experience priceless. One of the best experiences can be found on the Trishuli river as rafting here is moderately complex.

The much more adventurous rafting will be found in Seti river. This river has enough rapids to make rafting a great experience. The Karnali and Bheri rivers are also thronged by rafters who are in West Nepal.

3) Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a sport that is tougher than it looks. Centering the weight on the feet firmly, one ought to move up using the hands without resting any bodyweight on them. The movement coordination and strain are not everyone’s cup of tea, but it sure provides an exhilarating experience.

One can go rock climbing in Pasang Lhamu Climbing Centre or Astrek Climbing wall, where one can climb walls before going rock climbing. The wall climbing will help you understand how to go rock climbing later on. In addition, one can test their rock-climbing skills in Hattiban, Bimalnagar, and Monjo.

4) Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking

Nepal is a landlocked Himalayan country with ample terrain for mountain biking. The mountain regions are not only suitable for trekking but also for biking stunts.

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The mountain trail in Annapurna Circuit, Upper Dolpo, and Khaptad provide enough airborne thrills to the seekers. Langtang National Park is also one of the places where bikers get their thrills.

5) Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing

Climbing upon the hardened ice sheets is an experience not dissimilar to rock climbing. The sport is favored by trekkers and adventurists who are mountaineering in Nepal. However, this is an activity that is not for all as ice presents a considerable challenge to the trekkers

One can scale the icy scapes in Humde in Manang and Thame in Khumbu, where ice is aplenty to climb. It is advised to go fully prepared with the gear and knowledge as to how to climb the icy slopes.

6) Paragliding


The mountains of Nepal will provide a picturesque gliding memory to all. There are various hill ranges of Nepal where one can glide. The hill ranges of Gorkha, Kot Danda, Godavari, Surkhet, Phulchoki, and Bandipur are visited by the aviation thrill-seekers. However, if you are a novice, it is better to glide with an instructor as the hills pose a deadly threat to the untrained.

7) Skydiving


Everest is the highest point in the world. However, skydiving above Everest is an emotion that is better felt than expressed. Nepal has allowed skydiving activities around Mount Everest, and skydivers can see the rooftop of the world. If one cannot skydive over Mt. Everest, there is always the Pokhara mountain range where one can dive into.

Capping it off

Nepal not only has snowcaps to offer but a lot more. It is a haven to unwind and reconnect with the adventurous side of yours. With due caution and proper gear, indulge in the fun that not many know of and have the time of your life.

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