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Durga Lal Shrestha’s Songs to Woo Younger Generation

Books Dhapla Khyak and Nyau Nyau are translated to English


Durga Lal Shrestha’s Songs to Woo Younger Generation

Veteran Nepal Bhasa poet Durga Lal Shrestha’s is launching his picture book of children’s songs at Patan Museum on November 25, 2018!

Following are the picture book translations to be featured at Shrestha’s book launch:

  • Kukhura Ra Haas
  • Dhapla Khyak (The Great Hairy Khyaa)
  • Nyau Nyau (Meow Meow)
  • Aah Aah Junkiri
  • Hey Maaka
  • Kamila ra Roti

Ashish Shakya, Binita Buddhacharya, Mrigaja Bajracharya, Sambhav Maharjan, Suman Maharjan and Surendra Maharjan have worked on the book illustrations.


The books of Nepal-Bhasa origin have been translated to Nepali, two of which – Dhapla Khyak and Nyau Nyau are also translated to English.

Safu Books Publishers’ Suvani Singh pointed that the main reason behind this launch was to reintroduce these songs that were so popular among the previous generation.

“Some of the poems were made into songs and were radio staples once but now they have slipped from public consciousness. The younger generation does not listen to them anymore while these are important components of the Nepali literature canon,” said Singh.

Even though the books are going to be launched on November 25, 2018, they are already available at Kathmandu’s bookstores and Let’s Read apps e-books.

The launch program will also include actor Madan Krishna Shrestha’s performance and the participation of Modern Newa School’s (a Nepal Bhasa School in Kathmandu) students.

Activities such as mask-making, read-aloud and treasure hunt will be conducted after the launch event.

About Durga Lal Shrestha
Durga Lal Shrestha Lyricist, Poet and TeacherShrestha is a lyricist, poet and teacher who has published 16 books including Inquilabya Palasa (1991), Kulikasa (1967), Machabakhancha (1995) and Pija (1967). All these works are Nepal bhasa literature classics. Shrestha’s Chiniyamha Kisicha (1965) is still a Nepal bhasa bestseller.

He wrote lyrics for many popular Nepali songs including Phool ko Ankha Ma.

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