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  • Sports 'Career' in Nepal: Overview and Opportunities
    Wednesday 29th November 2023

    Sports ‘Career’ in Nepal: Overview and Opportunities

    Sports industry has gained professional significance in Nepal!



    Special Stories


    Sports ‘Career’ in Nepal: Overview and Opportunities

    Sports‘ has added a lot to Nepal’s portfolio at the global level in recent years.

    Initially considered as just a form of entertainment, sports have managed to garner popularity as a profession in present Nepal.

    Cricket and football are by far the most common played sports in the country with significant growth and development at the international level.


    Some of the other popular sports in Nepal are swimming, volleyball, kho kho, kabaddi, tennis, martial arts, boxing, wrestling, running, weightlifting, basketball, badminton and golf, among others.

    Recent international events like 13th South Asian Games and first-ever ODI Cricket Series have further proliferated the reputation for various sports.

    To leverage the growing popularity for sports, many sports clubs, groups, players and aspirants have been trying to make a career in sports.

    A career in Nepali sports industry has been gaining ground as it is not just limited to those with athletic prowess, it offers a plethora of opportunities in the field for non-athletes too.

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    Here we bring you some of the most popular careers in Nepali sports:

    1) Sports Instructor/Coach

    Sports Instructor/Coach

    Sports instructors demonstrate and teach the rules and regulations of sports to the concerned individual or group. They teach basic skills and techniques of a game to the beginners and guide the experienced players to enhance their skills. They have the opportunity to work in resorts, health clubs, camps, community centers and recreational facilities.

    2) Sports Umpire/Referee

    Sports Umpire/Referee

    An umpire or referee plays a prominent role in any sporting event, game or competition as they must maintain standards of play while judging the performance. He has the authority to start or stop play, award points, impose penalties and determine results.

    3) Athletic Trainer

    Sports or Athletic Trainer

    Athletic trainers collaborate with physicians and coaches to ensure that athletes are maintaining a proper diet, physically fit for the game and receiving proper medication in case of injury. They prepare training programs and routines to prevent injury and illness. They also develop dietary and recovery plans for the fast rehabilitation of injured athletes.

    [UPDATE: How to Lose Weight With a Nepali Diet?]

    4) Sports Administrator

    Sports Administrator

    Sports administrators are responsible for smooth functioning of sports organizations. They focus on running administrative tasks across a wide range of events within sports clubs and organizations. They involve in promotions, fundraising, supply chain management, budgetary management and other activities.

    5) Sports Equipment Manager

    Sports Equipment Manager

    Sports equipment manager is responsible for keeping the sports equipment safe and sound for the players to use. They play the main role in listing, ordering and maintaining sports equipment and apparel.

    6) Sports Journalist

    Sports Journalist

    Sports journalists are responsible for reporting and writing sporting news and events across different media platforms, including radio, television, newspaper and internet. Their duties include interviewing players, doing game commentary, reporting game statistics, shooting videos and taking photographs, among others.

    7) Sports Medicine Physician

    Sports Medicine Physician

    Sports medicine physicians are certified doctors who provide medical attention to athletes through medication or counselling. They diagnose, treat and prevent musculoskeletal injuries that occur during sporting events and physical training. They plan courses of treatment and rehabilitation for the injured athletes.

    8) Sports Photographer

    Sports Photographer

    Sports photographers capture the movements, skills and emotions of the fast-moving athletes during the sporting events. They have the opportunity to work for photo stock agencies, newspapers, magazines and websites.

    Other prominent Nepal Sports Careers are

    1. Sports Equipment Manufacturer
    2. Sports Club Manager
    3. Team Manager
    4. Team Director
    5. Sports and Fitness Nutritionist
    6. Sports Psychologist
    7. Scoreboard Operator

    Sports industry has gained professional significance in Nepal, with the growing public awareness of its contribution to health, social development and the national economy.

    Nepali sports industry has got enormous potential to provide employment opportunities for ‘Generation Z‘ and it is yet to unleash the opportunities.

    Build a career in sports and leverage the promising prospects offered by the industry. All the very best!!

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