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13th SAG Concludes: Nepal Bags 51 Golds, India Leads!

Nepal Secured Second Position in the SAG Medals Table, with 206 Medals
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13th SAG Concludes: Nepal Bags 51 Golds, India Leads!

Finally, the long-awaited 13th South Asian Games (SAG) has ended on December 10, 2019.

This edition of SAG has been quite encouraging for Nepal as it won 51 gold medals, the highest the Himalayan nation has won in a regional sports event.

On the last day of the series of events, Nepal faced Bhutan in the men’s football at the Dashrath Stadium, where it bagged its 51st medal after a 2-1 win.


With this, Nepal secured the second position in the SAG medals table, with 206 medals, 51 gold, 60 silver and 95 bronze medals.

However, the 13th SAG winner was India with 312 medals including 174 golds, 93 silvers and 45 bronzes.

Next to Nepal was Sri Lanka in the third position with 40 golds, 83 silvers and 128 bronzes, followed by Pakistan (31 gold, 41 silver and 59 bronzes) and Bangladesh (19 golds, 32 silvers and 87 bronzes).

The Maldives made it to the sixth position with 1 gold and 4 bronzes, followed by Bhutan (7 silvers and 13 bronzes).

Overall, the event went on a grand scale with South Asian teams performing at their energy levels.

13th South Asian Games – Country-wise Medal Tally

Country Name Gold Silver Bronze Total
India 174 93 45 312
Nepal 51 60 95 206
Sri Lanka 40 83 128 251
Pakistan 31 41 59 131
Bangladesh 19 32 87 138
Maldives 1 0 4 5
Bhutan 0 7 13 20

Remarkable 13th South Asian Games Achievements by Nepal

Remarkable Achievements by Nepal in 13th South Asian Games

  • Swimmer Gaurika Singh emerged as the first Nepali athlete to have claimed 4 gold medals in a single SAG. This has never happened in the past.
  • Santoshi Shrestha set a new record as the first female Nepali runner to win a gold in the 10,000 meters race in athletics. She did this in just 35 min 7.94 seconds.
  • Kiran Singh Bogati bagged gold in the marathon, making this the first time for the country in SAG in the last 24 years.
  • Sangita Dhami is now the first Nepali wrestler to have won an international medal in wrestling.
  • Minu Gurung emerged as the first Nepali female boxer to have won a gold medal in South Asian Games.
  • Gopi Chand Parki got a gold for Nepal in men’s 5,000-meter race, which happened for Nepal after almost nine years

After a long period of two decades, Nepal could finally win 33 golds in boxing.

13th South Asian Games (SAG) Nepal Result Table 
S.No Sports Event Gender Medal
1 Archery Compound Team Mixed   Silver
2 Archery Compound Team Men   Bronze
3 Archery Compound Team Women   Bronze
4 Athletics 5000 metre Men   Gold
5 Athletics 42Km Marathon Men   Gold
6 Athletics 10000 metre Women   Gold
7 Athletics 42Km Marathon Women   Silver
8 Athletics 1500 metre Men   Bronze
9 Athletics 10000 metre Men   Bronze
10 Athletics 5000 metre Men   Bronze
11 Athletics 800 metre Men   Bronze
12 Badminton Team Event Men   Bronze
13 Badminton Team Event Women   Bronze
14 Badminton Single Men   Bronze
15 Badminton Double Men   Bronze
16 Badminton Double Mixed   Bronze
17 Basketball Team Event Women   Silver
18 Basketball (3*3) Team Event Men   Silver
19 Basketball (3*3) Team Event Women   Bronze
20 Basketball Team Event Men   Bronze
Beach Volleyball
21 Beach Volleyball Team Event Women   Bronze
22 Boxing 54Kg Women   Gold
23 Boxing 64Kg Men   Gold
24 Boxing 60Kg Men   Gold
25 Boxing 48Kg Women   Silver
26 Boxing Light 60Kg Women   Silver
27 Boxing Fly 51Kg Women   Silver
28 Boxing Light Welter 64Kg Women   Silver
29 Boxing Light Heavy 81Kg Men   Silver
30 Boxing Super Heavy 91+Kg Men   Silver
31 Boxing Lightfly 49Kg Men   Bronze
32 Boxing Bantam 56Kg Men   Bronze
33 Boxing Heavy 91Kg Men   Bronze
34 Boxing Feather 57Kg Women   Bronze
35 Boxing Fly 52Kg Men   Bronze
36 Boxing Welter 69Kg Men   Bronze
37 Cricket Team Event Women   Bronze
38 Cricket Team Event Men   Bronze
39 Cycling Downhill Cycling Indivisual Men   Gold
40 Cycling Downhill Cycling Indivisual Women   Gold
41 Cycling Cross Country Olympics Women   Gold
42 Cycling Cross Country Olympics Men   Gold
43 Cycling Downhill Cycling Indivisual Men   Silver
44 Cycling Downhill Cycling Indivisual Women   Silver
45 Cycling Cross Country Olympics Women   Silver
46 Cycling Cross Country Olympics Men   Silver
47 Cycling Downhill Cycling Indivisual Men   Bronze
48 Cycling Cross Country Olympics Men   Bronze
49 Fencing Individual Sabre Women   Silver
50 Fencing Team Epee Women   Silver
51 Fencing Team Foil Women   Silver
52 Fencing Team Sabre Women   Silver
53 Fencing Team Sabre Men   Bronze
54 Fencing Team Foil Men   Bronze
55 Fencing Individual Epee Women   Bronze
56 Fencing Individual Epee Women   Bronze
57 Fencing Individual Foil Women   Bronze
58 Fencing Individual Sabre Women   Bronze
59 Football Team Event Men   Gold
60 Football Team Event Women   Silver
61 Golf Individual Men   Gold
62 Golf Team Men   Gold
63 Golf Individual Men   Gold
64 Golf Team Men   Gold
65 Handball Team Event Women   Silver
66 Judo 52Kg Women   Gold
67 Judo 78Kg Women   Gold
68 Judo 66Kg Men   Silver
69 Judo 57Kg Women   Silver
70 Judo 73Kg Men   Silver
71 Judo 63Kg Women   Silver
72 Judo 70Kg Women   Silver
73 Judo +78Kg Women   Silver
74 Judo 60Kg Men   Bronze
75 Judo 90Kg Men   Bronze
76 Judo 100Kg Men   Bronze
77 Judo +100Kg Men   Bronze
78 Judo Team Mixed   Bronze
79 Kabaddi Team Event Women   Silver
80 Karate Individual Kumite +68Kg Women   Gold
81 Karate Individual Kumite 45Kg Women   Gold
82 Karate Individual Kumite 50Kg Women   Gold
83 Karate Individual Kumite 68Kg Women   Gold
84 Karate Team Kata Women   Gold
85 Karate Individual Kata Men   Gold
86 Karate Individual Kumite +84Kg Men   Gold
87 Karate Individual Kumite 55Kg Men   Gold
88 Karate Individual Kumite 67Kg Men   Gold
89 Karate Team Kata Men   Gold
90 Karate Individual Kata Women   Silver
91 Karate Individual Kumite 61Kg Women   Silver
92 Karate Individual Kumite 75Kg Men   Silver
93 Karate Individual Kumite 84Kg Men   Silver
94 Karate Individual Kumite 55Kg Women   Bronze
95 Karate Team Kumite Women   Bronze
96 Karate Individual Kumite 50Kg Men   Bronze
97 Karate Individual Kumite 60Kg Men   Bronze
98 Karate Team Kumite Men   Bronze
99 Kho-Kho Team Event Women   Silver
100 Kho-Kho Team Event Men   Bronze
101 Squash Team Women   Bronze
102 Squash Team Men   Bronze
103 Swimming 200 Sc Mtr Freestyle Women   Gold
104 Swimming 200 Sc Meter Backstroke Women   Gold
105 Swimming 400Sc M Freestyle Women   Gold
106 Swimming 100 M Free Style Women   Gold
107 Swimming 200 Sc Mtr Breaststroke Women   Silver
108 Swimming 100 Sc M Backstroke Women   Silver
109 Swimming 200Sc M Butterfly Women   Silver
110 Swimming 50Sc M Backstroke Women   Silver
111 Swimming 400Sc Mtr Freestyle Relay Men   Bronze
112 Swimming 800Sc M Freestlye Women   Bronze
113 Swimming 200Sc M Im Women   Bronze
114 Swimming 400Sc M Medley Race Men   Bronze
Table Tennis
115 Table Tennis Team Men   Silver
116 Table Tennis Team Women   Bronze
117 Table Tennis Doubles Men   Bronze
118 Table Tennis Doubles Women   Bronze
119 Table Tennis Doubles Mixed   Bronze
120 Table Tennis Single Men   Bronze
121 Taekwondo  Individual Poomsae (17-23 Years ) Women   Gold
122 Taekwondo  Individual Poomsae( 23-29 Years) Women   Gold
123 Taekwondo  Individual Poomsae(23-29 Years) Men   Gold
124 Taekwondo  Team Poomsae (17-23 Years) Women   Gold
125 Taekwondo  Team Poomsae 23 Years Above Women   Gold
126 Taekwondo 46 Kg Men   Gold
127 Taekwondo 54 Kg Men   Gold
128 Taekwondo 62Kg Women   Gold
129 Taekwondo 87+Kg Men   Gold
130 Taekwondo 87Kg Men   Gold
131 Taekwondo Individual Poomsae(29 Years Above) Women   Gold
132 Taekwondo Pair Poomsae(29 Years Above) Men   Gold
133 Taekwondo  Individual Poomsae(17-23 Years) Men   Silver
134 Taekwondo 57 Kg Women   Silver
135 Taekwondo 73+Kg Women   Silver
136 Taekwondo 80Kg Men   Silver
137 Taekwondo 67Kg Women   Silver
138 Taekwondo 73Kg Women   Silver
139 Taekwondo  Individual Poomsae(29 Years Above) Men   Bronze
140 Taekwondo Pair Poomsae(17-23 Years) Men   Bronze
141 Taekwondo Pair Poomsae(23-29 Years) Men   Bronze
142 Taekwondo  Team Poomsae (17-23 Years) Men   Bronze
143 Taekwondo  Team Poomsae 23 Years Above Men   Bronze
144 Taekwondo 54 Kg Men   Bronze
145 Taekwondo 74Kg Men   Bronze
146 Taekwondo 53Kg Women   Bronze
147 Taekwondo 63Kg Men   Bronze
148 Taekwondo 58Kg Men   Bronze
149 Taekwondo 49Kg Women   Bronze
150 Tennis Team Men   Bronze
151 Tennis Team Women   Bronze
152 Tennis Double Women   Bronze
153 Tennis Double Women   Bronze
154 Tennis Singles Women   Bronze
155 Triathlon Triathlon Women   Gold
156 Triathlon Duathlon Men   Gold
157 Triathlon Duathlon Women   Silver
158 Triathlon Duathlon Women   Silver
159 Triathlon Mixed Team Relay Men   Silver
160 Triathlon Triathlon Men   Bronze
161 Volleyball Team Event Women   Silver
162 Weightlifting 59Kg Women   Gold
163 Weightlifting 89Kg Men   Gold
164 Weightlifting 96Kg Men   Silver
165 Weightlifting +87Kg Women   Silver
166 Weightlifting 109 Kg Men   Silver
167 Weightlifting Senior 45 Kg Women   Bronze
168 Weightlifting 55Kg Men   Bronze
169 Weightlifting 67 Kg Men   Bronze
170 Weightlifting 73 Kg Men   Bronze
171 Weightlifting 64Kg Women   Bronze
172 Weightlifting 71Kg Women   Bronze
173 Weightlifting 102Kg Men   Bronze
174 Weightlifting 87Kg Women   Bronze
175 Weightlifting 76Kg Women   Bronze
176 Weightlifting 81Kg Women   Bronze
177 Weightlifting 109+ Kg Men   Bronze
178 Wrestling 55Kg Women   Gold
179 Wrestling 53 Kg Women   Silver
180 Wrestling 57Kg Women   Silver
181 Wrestling 65Kg Women   Silver
182 Wrestling 72Kg Women   Silver
183 Wrestling 50 Kg Women   Bronze
184 Wrestling 57 Kg Men   Bronze
185 Wrestling 65 Kg Men   Bronze
186 Wrestling 70Kg Men   Bronze
187 Wrestling 79Kg Men   Bronze
188 Wrestling 125Kg Men   Bronze
189 Wrestling 92Kg Men   Bronze
190 Wrestling 59Kg Women   Bronze
191 Wushu Chanquan Thaulo Men   Gold
192 Wushu Chanquan Thaulo Women   Gold
193 Wushu Nanquan All Rounder Men   Gold
194 Wushu Nanquan All-Round Women   Gold
195 Wushu Sanda 56Kg Women   Gold
196 Wushu Daoshu/Gunshu All-Round Men   Silver
197 Wushu Taijiquan All-Rounder Women   Silver
198 Wushu Sanda 52Kg Women   Silver
199 Wushu Sanda 70Kg Women   Silver
200 Wushu Sanda 75Kg Women   Silver
201 Wushu Sanda 60Kg Men   Silver
202 Wushu Taijiquan Men   Bronze
203 Wushu Sanda 52Kg Men   Bronze
204 Wushu Sanda 70Kg Men   Bronze
205 Wushu Sanda 80Kg Men   Bronze
206 Wushu Sanda 85Kg Men   Bronze

Now, the next edition of SAG i.e. 14th South Asian Games will be hosted by Pakistan.

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