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How to Lose Weight With a Nepali Diet?

Nepal is a beautiful nation, and part of that beauty comes from their reverence of food!


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How to Lose Weight With a Nepali Diet?

As one of the most diverse nations in the world, Nepal has produced some truly amazing cultural insights.

While often a nation consigned to the back pages of global news, its impact on human culture goes far beyond things like economic changes or grandiose buildings. Instead, it leaves an immense mark on the culture and many parts of the world. One major part of Nepali culture that is so strong, though, is its culinary culture.

Nepal is a beautiful nation, and part of that beauty comes from their reverence of food. It would be hard to another nation that makes such a big deal over the quality of their food. Since many parts of the country are large rice-growing communities, rice makes up a huge part of their day-to-day eating culture.


Many of their meats come from goats and sheep too. The diverse nature of Nepalis eating habits, usually involving huge amounts of vegetables and spices, allows for a satisfying eating culture from a nutritional point of view, making it apt for a balanced diet.

Few nations are quite so diverse as those from Nepal when it comes to food. However, a quick glance at the standard Nepali diet might make your taste buds kick into action.

But what can you actually learn from eating Nepali food?

How could it help you to get into better shape?
Many people choose a Nepali diet as they see the immense benefits that this kind of eating can produce.

How will you be able to lose weight with a Nepali diet?
What options exist if you want to start looking and feeling better about your physical form? What waits for you around the corner?

Healthy Eating Nepal

  • Cut Sugar Out Entirely  – One of the big problems with the Nepali diet is that many items in it contain a good amount of sugar. Nepali food is quite rich normally. So, you might need to make some important concessions about your eating habits as you begin to move forward with Nepali food.
    The first thing that you can do to make your Nepali diet more enjoyable is to cut out the sugary items entirely. It’s going to be tough and will mean having to cut out some popular items in the Nepalese culinary catalogue. However, it will be essential to losing weight over time. Tracking weight loss can sometimes be tedious, however, there are many tools available online! Since Nepal has so many dishes to pick from, it should be easier for you to find a solution to this problem. With so many other dishes that use less damaging ingredients, you will be able to enjoy the meals that you get a lot more regularly. It also means that you will need to branch out taking in more of the rich and engaging meals that you might normally miss if you go for the rich and decadent foods often produced here.

    For that reason, we recommend that if you want to eat a Nepali diet, then limit sugar intake.

  • Eat Less, Enjoy More – Another important part of being on a Nepali diet is appreciating the immense amount of fiber in these foods. Nepalese foods are naturally rich in fiber, and this means that most of the time you are eating a lot more than you have to. With the right kind of curbing, you can make sure that you still feel full without overdoing it.
     Eat less Enjoy More
    All of that fiber means that you will feel fuller a lot quicker than you would with other diets. This cuts out the need to snack later, as you will not feel hungry for a long time after a Nepali breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.
    This is very important to note. Many people eat the same size of the portion as they would in a western kind of dish: you do not need to do that on a Nepali diet. The fiber standards are much higher in these foods. So, you will not need to eat as much to make sure that you feel full. This allows you to enjoy the rich nature of Nepali food, without having to eat heavily to make sure you don’t feel the temptation to snack later on.
  • Enjoy The Spices – Part of what makes Nepali food so tasty is the fact that it contains a good amount of spices. If your taste buds allow it, this can make up for the loss of richness by reducing your sugar intake. With the help of Nepal food, you can eat a lot more curried dishes, thanks to the use of extra spices. But remember! Most of their dishes are made up using lentils, rice and some form of curried vegetables.
     Enjoy spices nepal
    This will go some way to making sure that you can eat and enjoy smaller portions full of flavor. If you get used to experimenting with the various herbs and spices, then you can easily make sure that you keep portion sizes down but with quality nice and high.
    Part of what makes Nepali dishes so enjoyable is spices that add to the taste and flavor of Nepali food. Nepalese have an immense amount of joy around the art of eating; you should look to enjoy every bite by adding extra taste.

    Simply adding more to the plate is not the Nepalese eating culture: less food of a higher quality is always the preferred method there!

  • Engage In Eating Culture – Unlike in the West, where people often have three to four large meals a day, Nepali eating culture is much different. You will instead be expected to pay attention to the kind of eating that you do. For example, you will have two major meals in the day – the first around 10 AM and the second around 8 PM. In between, you will have small snacks, maybe once or twice, usually made up of things like bread, chura or roti, the country’s popular dishes often low in calorie count besides rich and spicy.
     Eating Culture Nepal
    If you want to help cut down on your weight, then it pays to embrace this part of Nepalis culture as much as the food. With the help of adjusting your daily eating times to only be two meals per day with one or two very small snacks, you get to eat a lot more nutritiously whilst making sure that each meal has enough fiber that can manage you all through the day without making you feel hungry.
    This also goes for what you eat. Nepal is a relatively diverse country economically and many people cannot afford to eat meat every day. By cutting out meat in the everyday diet, maybe every second day, you will eat more wholesome dishes that are loaded with healthy vegetables and fat-burning spices.

A gentle reminder! Being on a Nepali diet should be taking in their unique and amazing culture. Then you will be much more likely to enjoy your Nepali diet and see genuine results that can reshape you!

Resume your delicious and healthy Nepali diet!

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