Tuesday 19th November 2019

Integrated System to Address Government Woes on Migrant Info

In a row following Nepal’s migrant crisis, Nepal Government has declared its plans of integrating all

Published:: September 5, 2018
Task Force Suggests New Destinations for Nepali Migrants

In a move expanding Nepal’s labor destination scope, Nepal’s Labor Ministry’s task force suggested the country

Published:: August 18, 2018
Migrant Workers Scam: Malaysia Favors Nepal, Mulls New Labor Pact

Ending the turmoil over issues surrounding Nepali migrants in Malaysia, the Nepal Government informed that the

Published:: August 17, 2018
Remittances to Nepal Rise in FY 2017-18

Remittances to Nepal increased in the first eleven months of FY 2017-18, said Nepal Rastra Bank

Published:: July 17, 2018
Now, Foreigners Visiting Nepal Under Close Watch!

In a move ensuring homeland security and curbing illegal issues, the Government of Nepal has enforced

Published:: June 29, 2018
Nepal Employment Status: 2.8 Lakh Jobs Per Year Need of the Hour, says World Bank

The World Bank (WB), in its recent report, came up with some alarming observations on the

Published:: April 17, 2018
Nepali Students Across Foreign Varsities on Rise

There has been a rising trend of increase in number of Nepali students opting for courses

Published:: March 3, 2018
UN Makes Special Observations on Nepali Migrant Labor

A United Nations Special Rapporteur urged Nepal to take more initiatives towards protecting the rights of

Published:: February 6, 2018
Nepal Tops 2016 Global Ranking For Remittances by GDP

Nepal is at the top of all nations in terms of foreign remittances as a percentage

Published:: January 31, 2018
Nepali Migrant Workers in Vicious Cycle of Debt and Exploitation

A new research report by the renowned human rights organization, Amnesty International (AI), raised deep concerns

Published:: December 19, 2017
Nepal, Bahrain Discuss Labor Cooperation

Nepal and Bahrain discussed labor cooperation at a bilateral meeting in Bahraini capital, Manama, on December

Published:: December 7, 2017
Nepali Migrant Labor: Revised Wage Limit Worries Nepalis in Qatar

In a move concerning Nepali community in Qatar, the Government of Qatar has announced a new

Published:: December 1, 2017
Nepalis For Foreign Employment: Labor Ministry Pitches for Skill Development and Safety

In a move helping Nepali local labor and migrants, Nepal has recently urged the International Labor

Published:: November 17, 2017

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