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FIFA 2022 World Cup: 1400 Nepali Workers Die in Stadium Construction

According to Ghimire, 1,300 migrant workers flew to gulf countries on a daily basis



FIFA 2022 World Cup: 1400 Nepali Workers Die in Stadium Construction

In a shocking update, as many as 1,400 Nepali workers lost their lives while constructing the 2022 FIFA World Cup football stadium in Qatar.

The news was revealed by a German broadcaster WDR’s investigative show Trapped in Qatar, which showed Nepali laborers petty living conditions and work sites.

A spokesperson on behalf of the Nepal Labor Ministry Narayan Regmi said that he was not aware of the telecast but admitted that many Nepali migrant laborers died in the Gulf country.


“It is a fact that many Nepali workers have lost their lives in Qatar over the years. I am not in a situation to tell you how many people lost their lives in Qatar. But it is true that many people lost their lives. I must verify this number with the authorities directly concerned with the issue,” said Regmi.

According to Nepal Government figures, accidents and poor living conditions claimed 110 Nepali workers’ lives annually. Family members of the deceased workers informed WDR that they have still not received any compensation from Doha.

Regmi added that Nepal signed a MoU and bilateral agreement with Doha for Nepali migrant workers. Additionally, workers were briefed before leaving to work in the Gulf country and had undertaken a pre-departure orientation program.

Nepal-based rights activist and lawyer, Barun Ghimire states that Qatari employers failed to create safe working conditions for the health of workers.

“There have been reports that many Nepali workers have died either in the construction of stadiums or something related to stadiums in Qatar. We tried to establish a case against employers, but they are difficult to investigate because of the chain brokers involved in recruiting the workers,” he said.

Football Stadium Construction in Qatar

According to Ghimire, 1,300 migrant workers flew to gulf countries on a daily basis, majority of which travelled to Qatar.

According to a journalist posted in Qatar, Nepali migrant workers experienced much more than pitiable working environments. There were other concerns such as delayed payments, delayed medical treatment and more.

However, he also said that Nepal migrant laborers camps living conditions have improved due to pressure from international watchdogs.

Some alarming statistics of Nepali Migrant Deaths in FIFA World Cup Stadium, Qatar:

  • According to the International Trade Union Conference (ITUC) 2014 report estimates, at least 4,000 more workers will die before the World Cup begins in 2022
  • The figure of 4,000 possible deaths is collected on the basis of the mortality trend data from Indian and Nepalese embassies over the last three years
  • According to the Nepal Government, the number of Nepali migrant deaths in Qatar increased to 191 in 2013, up from 169 in 2012.
  • 400 Nepali migrant workers have died since 2010, when Qatar received the right to host the World Cup

Despite Nepal Government’s efforts to reduce migration of Nepali workers to Qatar, many of them continue to travel to this gulf-country for a better pay.

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