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  • Nepal Weekly Round-up: (May 11-17)
    Friday 23rd February 2024

    Nepal Weekly Round-up: (May 11-17)

    Nepalis selection to CPL 2019 and Nepal-India Investment Expo 2019 were among key Nepal news highlights of this week


    Nepali Mahila


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    Nepal Weekly Round-up: (May 11-17)

    Hi Readers

    Nepali Sansar is back to you with some exciting news updates for the latest week.

    As every week, the week from May 11-17 also had interesting news items related to Nepal. Let’s take a look into a few of them:


    Nepal Top Headlines (May 11-17, 2019)

    1) 11,005 Road Accident Deaths in 5 years

    Road Accident Deaths in Nepal

    Road accidents in Nepal have claimed at a total of 11,005 lives in the last five years. While 19,887 suffered severe injuries. While the total number of accidents reported during the period stand at 48,981, according to the Nepal Police Headquarters. The statistics show a gradual rise in accidents with every passing year. “Poorly designed roads are responsible for most of the accidents,” says former Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Nepal Police Keshav Adhikari.

    2) Wheelchair Asia Cup T20 Cricket 2019

    Wheelchair Asia Cup T20 Cricket 2019

    Despite sincere efforts, Nepal is not able to make its move in the ongoing Wheelchair Asia Cup T0 Cricket 2019. In the ongoing tournament being held at the Tribhuvan University grounds, the Himalayan nation has so far lost two matches, standing at the bottom of the score table. In a match held at the end of the week on May 17, 2019, Nepal lost it out to Bangladesh for the loss of 8 wickets. So far, India is at the 4th position, while Pakistan and Bangladesh are at 2nd and 3rd positions, leaving no place for Nepal.

    3) Immigration Via India

    Immigration Via India

    In a move tightening security in its immigration process, Indian Government made it mandatory for Nepalis to furnish their details if they are traveling to foreign nations via India. As a process, they will have to show No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Nepali Embassy in New Delhi. For that, the applications should mention their reason of travel, along with visa of that specific country, a copy of passport and past travel history to any nation other than India. And, those intended for employment should furnish the employment permit they get from the Nepali Ministry of Labor.

    4) Border Shut for 3 Days

    Border Shut for 3 Days

    In view of Indian general elections 2019 that are currently underway, Indo-Nepal border area at West Nawalparasi has been shut for three days from the midnight of May 17, 2019 until May 19, 2019. The border checkpoint at West Nawaparasi will be shut for three days in view of Lok Sabha elections in Maharajgunj district of Uttar Pradesh, informed District Police Office, Nawalparasi. Besides, border points at Thuthibari, Guthiprasauni, Bishnupura and Bhujahawa will also remain closed from today until May 19, 2019.

    5) Recruitment Firms Blacklisted

    Recruitment Firms Blacklisted

    Taking into account the misfunctioning of recruitment agencies, Nepal Government has blacklisted many manpower recruitment companies booked for irregularities. Surprisingly, many of the blacklisted companies hail from Malaysia. Saudi Arab, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Malaysia are among the major destinations for Nepali labor. 79 percent of the fraud companies hailed from Malaysia, while 21 were from Gulf nations.

    6) Human Trafficking Continues…

    Nepali Girls Trafficking

    Around 16 Nepali girls, trafficked to African nations in the name of employment, have been rescued from Kenya and Malawi this week. Out of these, 12 are rescued from Kenya and 4 from Malawi. With the help of Interpol officers, the rescued girls were brought back home safely. This is not the first time that such incidents were reported. Earlier, a lot of Nepali girls have been rescued from Uganda and Kenya.

    7) First Black African Summits Everest

    First Black African Summits Everest

    Saray Khumalo, an African national, has set a new record as the first black African climber to summit Mount Everest. Khumalo of South Africa reached atop the world’s highest mountain on May 16, 2019. “With her birth in Zambia, Rwandan bloodline and now a South African, this sister of Africa has achieved her goal of becoming the first black woman from Africa to summit Mount Everest,” read an official statement. Khumalo had summited Mt Kilimanjaro in 2012.

    Beyond these, there were many more exciting news updates about Nepalis selection to CPL 2019, Nepal-India Investment Expo 2019, US cautioning Nepal on Korean infiltration, and more…

    Stay tuned to Nepali Sansar for more regular updates!

    May 18, 2019 |

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