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Revised Labor Agreement Holds Big Promises for Nepali Migrants to UAE

The deal is expected to be signed before the end of May 2019


Revised Labor Agreement Holds Big Promises for Nepali Migrants to UAE

In a move encouraging more Nepali migrants to UAE, the Governments of Nepal and UAE have finalized the final draft of the revised labor pact between the two nations.

Under the revised agreement, the two governments intend to offer following benefits to Nepali migrant workers travelling to UAE:

  • Hiring at no cost
  • Employers will bear the expenses related to two-way air travel, visa, recruitment services, health check-up, accommodation and security screening
  • Employers will process the payments via banking channel by the 10th day of every month
  • Nepal Labor Ministry has developed a ‘wage protection system’ that will be monitored by a new committee to be setup
  • A new medical and work insurance system to take care of employees’ general medical expenses, death and accident, among other issues, along with equal treatment in insurance and security cover
  • Special provision for housemaids very soon, supporting Nepali women migrant workers
  • Employees can leave without no-objection letter from the employer

 “If the employer firms do not pay the wages by the 10th day of the month, the joint mechanism will take action against the erring firms,” says Ram Prasad Ghimire, Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security.


Ghimire and UAE Foreign Relation Director Abdullah Al Nuaimi signed the final draft of the discussion in a recent meeting.

Nepal Ghimire and UAE Abdullah Alnuiai Signed Labor Agreement

The labor agreement with UAE is expected to be signed within May 2019. Its implementation will replace the existing labor agreement signed in 2007.

According to Ghimire, the government is also planning to new labor agreements with Qatar and Oman very soon.

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