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A Glance at ‘UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nepal’

UNESCO classifies Nepali heritage sites as UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sites and UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Sites




A Glance at ‘UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nepal’

Are you a passionate traveler in search of amazing sceneries, age-old structures that represent art & culture?

Then you should visit Nepal! The Himalayan nation gives you a fresh experience of nature and wide varieties of art forms that speak culture and heritage!

Nepal holds some high value in terms of tourism, as evident in its tourism destinations like Kathmandu, Chitwan, Pokhara, Lumbini, among others. Each of these have their own unique features in enthusing tourists, with some of them even recognized as UNESCO Heritage Sites.


In this article, we will take a look at UNESCO Heritage Sites in Nepal:


UNESCO classifies Nepali tourism sites into two different categories: UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sites and UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Sites.

1)  UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sites in Nepal

  • Chitwan National Park, recognized in 1984
  • Sagarmatha National Park, recognized in 1979

2) UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Sites include

  • 7 different sites in Kathmandu Valley, recognized in 1979
  1. Durbar Square
  2. Hanuman Dhoka
  3. Patan and Bhaktapur
  4. Swayambhunath
  5. Bauddhanath
  6. Pashupathinath
  7. Changu Narayan Temple
  • Lumbini, recognized in 1997

Besides, there are also many other Nepal tourism sites on UNESCO’s tentative list, which includes:

  1. Early medieval architecture complex of Panauti (enlisted in 1996)
  2. Tilaurakot, the archaeological remains of ancient Shakya Kingdom (enlisted in 1996)
  3. Cave architecture of Muktinath Valley, Mustang (enlisted in 1996)
  4. Medieval Palace Complex of Gorkha (enlisted in 1996)
  5. Ramagrama, Relic stupa of Lord Buddha (enlisted in 1996)
  6. Khokana and its mustard-oil seed industrial heritage (enlisted in 1996)
  7. Medieval Earthen Walled City of Lo Manthang (enlisted in 2008)
  8. Vajrayogini and Early Settlement of Sankhu (enlisted in 2008)
  9. Medieval Settlement of Kirtipur (enlisted in 2008)
  10. Rishikesh Complex of Ruru Kshetra (enlisted in 2008)
  11. Nuwakot Palace Complex (enlisted in 2008)
  12. Ram Janaki Temple (enlisted in 2008)
  13. The Medieval Town of Tansen (enlisted in 2008)
  14. Sinja Valley (enlisted in 2008)
  15. Bhurti Temple Complex of Dailekh (enlisted in in 2008)

List not exhaustive! Nepal is home to many such heritage sites left unexplored.

Hope the ongoing tourism infrastructure developments, increasing tourist arrivals year-on-year, initiatives like Visit Nepal Year 2020 and continuous tourism promotions will bring many such unexplored Nepali tourism spots to the limelight!

Stay tuned for more breaking news on Nepal Tourism!

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