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Bharatpur: Nepal’s Center of Trade

A hub for poultry industries and provides more than 60% of the Nepal’s total poultry demand
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Bharatpur: Nepal’s Center of Trade

If you thought Nepal is all about mountains, lakes, temples, stupas and tough terrain, then you need to take a look at the country’s fourth largest city, Bharatpur!

Nepal Government declared Bharatpur as a sub-metropolitan city on December 2, 2014 including with it various local village development committees like Gitanagar, Fulbari, Sibanagar, Mangalpur and Patihai. Following this, Bharatpur was announced as a full-fledged Metropolitan City in December 2016.

Situated in the south-central region of Nepal, Bharatpur is an independent metropolitan authority and Chitwan’s district headquarters. Its geographical location and road access gives it an edge over other #Nepalicities, making it an important destination for some major industries in the Himalayan nation.


Adding a natural touch to Bharatpur’s urban look are the rivers Narayani and Rapti that flow from north to south and from east to south-west, respectively.

Originally an agriculture-based city, Bharatpur slowly began to make room for residence and industrialization over the years. The city draws its revenue from small-scale processing industries, which are its main bread-winners.

As a hub of poultry industries, Bharatpur provides more than 60% of Nepal’s overall poultry demand. Other industries that this city thrives on include mushrooms, floriculture, honey and a remarkable contribution of the services industry- education and health.

Bharatpur is also a ‘hub for food processing’ from Chitwan, the ‘food surplus district’.

This Nepali city is home to beverage giants like Coca-Cola and San Miguel Beer other than a majority of business and trading houses. Many Nepali-based companies have setup branches at this trade-flourishing city.

Speaking of trading, Narayangadh is an important trading center that is situated in the middle of the Bharatpur.

Tourist Attractions:

Devghat BharatpurDevghat This is one of the most religious and cultural centers in Nepal located at the junction of Seti Gandaki and Krishna Gandaki Rivers. Holiest of holy, this place is of high religious significance to the Hindus. The area is home to some tropical forests, wild animals and birds that creates a perfect haven for nature lovers.
Tinkhole Monastery Bharatpur
Tinkhole Monastery
A symbol of Buddhist culture, the monastery is a unique piece of art in Bharatpur. Built by the Buddhists, the Lamasery is a reflection of peace and interior design of this structure reminds them of their life philosophy.
Ganesthan Temple Bharatpur
Ganesthan Temple
The temple is most sacred to Hindus and is a famous pilgrimage destination. It was built in the 15th century by Muni Makunda, the Palap king. People from all over Bharatpur come to pay homage to Lord Ganesh, every Tuesday.
Upardanghari FortBharatpur
Upardanghari Fort
The old headquarters of Chitwan District, Upardanghari fort, was built by Satrubhanjan Shah to protect the newly-established kingdom from enemy attacks during the 17th century. The fort stands atop a hill overlooking a picturesque view of the city.
Kasrra Durbar Bharatpur
Kasrra Durbar
Built during the Rana regime, this ancient palace is situated inside the Chitwan national park. The venue is being used as the national park’s office and also houses a museum.Bharatpur Covered Hall
Bharatpur Covered Hall
This modern architecture is located in the guesthouse of Bharatpur and used for playing indoor games.
Chitwan National Park
Chitwan National Park
One of the famous parks in Nepal, the Chitwan National Park is a major tourist destination site that has dream-like greenery and is home to one of the world’s endangered one-horned rhinos. It is spread across an area of 932 and encompasses the districts of Nawalparsi, Chitwan, Parsa and Makwanpur. It was declared the World Heritage Site in 1984.
Children Fun Park Bharatpur
Children Fun Park:
This park is situated in the Torikhet village and has a swimming pool. It is famous with the name Kamal Pokhari.


Bharatpur in News:

Following are some important news updates about the city:

  • Fully Immunized District: In recent announcement, Bharatpur Metropolitan City declared Chitwan district as ‘fully immunized district’. So far, all children excluding those of ward no. 6 have been immunized. State Minister Padma Aryal strengthened the government’s commitment to provide medical care to all alike in the country and assured citizens that the obstacles in the medical sector will be removed.
  • Engineering College in Bharatpur: Bharatpur is all set to receive its new engineering college that will be established as a JV by Tribhuvan University (TU) and Bharatpur Metropolis.  TU agreed to give 40 baigha land out of its total 394 baigha. While the metropolis will focus on the related funds, the university will ensure provision of quality education.
  • Modern City Hall in Bharatpur: Bharatpur’s Chitwan district will now own a state-of-the-art auditorium which will be able to host 5,000 audiences. The City Hall will have a smaller auditorium, food court, garden and parking spaces. The Ministry of Urban Development has already began arranged for the required budget for construction revealed Renu Dahal Bharatpur Metropolitan City’s Mayor.
  • Technical and Vocational Education in Chitwan: Following a growing trend in Chitwan District, now more number of students are keen on taking up vocational education and in the technical field. Many schools and colleges offering these are being established as a result of this trend. Since the courses are of a shorter duration and relatively promising in terms of job placement, more number of SEE graduates are opting for these courses in pursuit of higher education.
  • Bharatpur as Medical City: In a recent event held at Chitwan District, Nepal Communist Party Co-Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal expressed his commitment to transform Bharatpur into a ‘Medical City oF Nepal’. Addressing a symposium of health workers of Chitwan District, Dahal said “As more and more private and public health facilities are being set up in Bharatpur, it makes sense to develop the city as a medical city.”
  • MoEWRI Unveils Master Plan: Bharatpur was identified among major electricity hotspots in Nepal. As part of its Transmission System Master Plan (TSMP), the ministry plans to transform Bharatpur as one of the main electricity hubs to develop 6,867 kilometers of transmission lines across Nepal. Barsha Man Pun unveiled TSMP at a program organized by Nepal Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation (MoEWRI).
  • Bharatpur Proposed for Cricket Stadium Construction: The Dhurmus Suntali Foundation (DSF) has finalized Bharatpur as the site for the international cricket stadium. According to the foundation, Chitwan is promising in terms of becoming in Nepal’s future capital. Earlier in 2018, Bharatpur Metropolitan City Mayor RenuDahal announced that land from Bharatpur city will be given to social activist SitaramKattelDhurmus for construction of the said International cricket stadium.

Bharatpur will sweep you away with its rapid urbanization but also keep you captured with Nepal’s spirit. Travel to this bustling city and take home some of Nepal’s magic.

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