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Nepal’s Dhangadhi Premier League 2019: Series Highlights

Congratulations to the winners ‘CYC Attariya’! It’s been a remarkable journey to see the team perform throughout DPL Season 3.



Nepal’s Dhangadhi Premier League 2019: Series Highlights

Continuing the lines of Everest Premier League and a step bigger than previous events, Nepal’s Dhangadhi Premier League (DPL) 2019 kicked off in Nepal on February 11, 2019.

The series has been planned on a grand scale and is giving a highly-excited feeling across the nation, majorly for its budgets!

Let’s take a look into Nepal’s #DPL2019 Highlights, match by match:


#Day 10

Final Match: CYC Attariya Vs Mahendranagar United

Nepal DPL 2019 Final Match : CYC Attariya Vs Mahendranagar United

In the final showdown of Dhangadhi Premier League: Season 3, CYC Attariya won the tournament with impressive performances by the team players! CYC Attariya’s Sunny Patel was declared ‘Player of the Match’ for registering 47 runs from 26 deliveries. Moreover, his flawless sixer in the last over helped his team score more than just the three winning runs.

During his stint on the field, he registered two ‘sixes’ and three ‘fours’. He bravely replied to Mahendranagar United’s Avinash Bohara’s attack with two sixes and one four in the last two overs of the match.

Patel’s partnership with teammate Jitendra Singh Thakuri helped Attariya register the winning shots in the final match of DPL 2019. Jaykishan Kolswala initiated a good start for Attariya with a contribution of 30 runs from 27 deliveries, including five boundaries.

Dipendra Singh Airee registered 17 runs from a 35-ball delivery. The rest of the players could not make more than single-digit runs.

Attariya won the match with an overall score of 127 runs.

Mahendranagar United’s batting line started with D Nath and S Anand registering 10 and 43 runs, respectively. These scores included 6 fours and 2 sixes from both players. But Nath’s striking performance was cut short by Sunny Patel’s strike out at the 16th over.

Patel’s dominance in the field was reflected in Aarif Sheikh, S Vesawkar and Shahab Alam’s runouts. Beside Nath, Kushal Malla and RK Paudel registered a decent contribution of 25 and 24 runs, respectively, pocketing 2 fours and 3 sixes for United.

Ultimately, Airee and D Rawat’s collaboration closed the match for United with two wickets, giving their opponent a closure of 123 runs off 20 overs.

Final Match: CYC Attariya Vs Mahendranagar United Match Summary

CYC Attariya team seal their first Ruslan Dhangadhi Premier League title!

Attariya team captain DS Airee was all praise for Patel’s exploit in the final match of DPL Season 3.

“Sunny (Patel) really played well at the end. I would like to thank for all the well-wishers of Nepali cricket. Keep supporting us,” he said.

Similarly, Patel shared his experience stating that he always backed himself in such situations.

“The position we had in last over usually 70 percent of times goes to the batting side. I was confident to complete the chase and I delivered,” said Patel.

Attariya Skipper Airee was awarded ‘Most Valuable Player’, while lead spinner Bhuvan Karki was named ‘Best Bowler’.

Dhangadi Premier League 2019 - Goldstar Most Valuable Player Award

Congratulations to the winners ‘CYC Attariya’! It’s been a remarkable journey to see the team perform throughout DPL Season 3.

CYC attariya team wins dhangadi premier league season title 2019

#Day 9

Qualifier 2:  Kathmandu Goldens Vs Mahendranagar United

Qualifier 2:  Kathmandu Goldens Vs Mahendranagar United

The qualifier match for DPL had a sad turn of events when Kathmandu Goldens boycotted the match. This move came after DPL’s technical committee banned Goldens’ team player Ankit Dabas from bowling.

The match is now in favor of Mahendranagar United, who won by walkover without any balls bowled.

Mahendranagar United is elevated to the finals where it will face Qualifier 1 winner CYC Attariya. May the best team win!


Eliminator 1: Mahendranagar United Vs Rupandehi Challengers

Nepal DPL 2019 Eliminator - Rupandehi Challengers Vs Mahendranagar United

Mahendranagar United and Rupandehi Challengers clashed it off at the eliminator match of Dhangadhi Premier League 2019.

Until its previous match, Rupandehi Challengers had been playing fairly well and maintained its position throughout the tournament at No.3. Unfortunately, it could not go beyond the eliminator round.

United won the match by a close margin of ‘1 run’!

The eliminator began with United winning the toss and choosing to bat first.

D Nath could not make any runs for United as he got out at the very first over.

Then came S Anand and Mohammed Naveed, who registered 20 and 18 runs, respectively. Likewise, Aarif Sheikh and S Vesawkar maintained the game’s tempo by contributing 11 and 29 runs.

After 2 successive run outs for RK Paudel and S Lohani, AS Routela and A Bohara recovered the loss by scoring 30 runs for United.

At the end of 20 overs, United had a total score of 115-9.

Then came Challengers’ batting line. Babar Hayat and S Sunar started their batting round with a bang. Each of the players registered 28 and 14 runs.

S Maharjan and B Bhandari were not far behind, both players scored 10 and 23, respectively. The last blockbuster came from Airee, who followed Hayat’s league of 28 runs.

Despite all these players efforts, Challengers lost the match to United at a total of 114-9.

Congratulations to Mahendranagar United! Let’s see if the team is able to win the DPL 2019 Trophy.

#Day 7

Qualifier 1: CYC Attariya Vs Kathmandu Goldens

Nepal #DPL2019 Qualifier 1: CYC Attariya Vs Kathmandu Goldens

The 7th day of DPL began with a match between CYC Attariya and Kathmandu Goldens.

CYC Attariya won the toss and chose to bat. Attariya’s batting order began with S Pandey and JA Kolsawala, who made a decent start of 16 and 13 runs, respectively. Then came Rit Gautam, who was bowled by B Dabas at 5.4 overs without making any runs for his team. DS Airee was next!

His contribution of 33 runs combined with Sunny Patel’s 28 runs took Attariya’s higher in its game. The remaining players earned single-digit runs, leading the team to an overall score of 110 runs.

Then came Kathmandu Goldens!

Their batting order began with AK Shah and M Alam, who gave the team a poor start with just 0 and 1 runs to their credit. G Malla, GY Tomar and YS Karki then made a major contribution to the team’s score with 11, 26 and 11, respectively. Ultimately, with the fall of NK Yadav at the 19th over, Goldens retreated from the field with a mere total score of 69 runs!

While CYC Attariya not only won the match, its team member Sunny Patel was named ‘Player of the Match’!

#Day 6

Kathmandu Goldens Vs CYC Attariya

The 6th Day of DPL witnessed a match between Kathmandu Goldens and CYC Attariya on February 19, 2019

Kathmandu Goldens won the toss and chose to bat.

Goldens round of batting begin with GY Tomar and AK Sah, who made a sloppy start with 1 and 5 runs, respectively.

Then came G Malla whose 32 runs gave the game its much-required impetus. But this stint was short-lived as Malla was run out by Airee at 17.4 overs.

Besides Malla, AM Dabbas and YS Karki were the only two players to score double-digit runs in the team.

At the end of their batting line, Kathmandu Goldens was able to deliver an overall score of 75 runs.

Now, it was CYC Attariya’s turn to beat the lean score made by Goldens!

With less than 7 batsmen and 3 overs to spare, Attariya knocked down Goldens on the field by an additional 4 runs. Attariya’s 79 runs came majorly from Kolswala, Airee and Tamang, who contributed 33, 20 and 10 runs, respectively.

Looks like CYCA is headed straight for the top of the rank table.

Updated: Dhangadi Premier League (DPL) 2019 Points Table


Rupandehi Challengers Vs Dhangadhi Stars

The Dhangadhi Premier League series resumed on February 18, 2019 with Rupandehi Challengers and Dhangadhi Stars playing the first match of the day.

Rupandehi Challengers won the toss and chose to bat, setting a target of 106 runs for Stars to chase. With a fair series of scores from a few of the batsmen, Challengers was able to make a score post a full century.

S Maharjan, B Bhandari and Babar Hayat registered 33, 24 and 19 runs, respectively.

It is worthy to note that Maharjan’s batting performance has been consistently good over the last two matches.

Next, in turn, was Dhangadhi Stars batting line, where the team was charged with the task of beating Challengers 106 runs. With a 11 run contribution off 11 deliveries, Sompal Kami was able to set a decent start for the Stars.

However, the next two batsmen in line failed to keep up with Kami’s pace. Then came P Sarraf, whose 15 run delivery off 10 balls made Stars hopeful of a good overall score.

Following close behind was S Rajali who made 10 runs off 12 deliveries. Sadly, The remaining players in the row failed to make more than single digit scores, leaving Stars at a total of just 67 runs!

Rupandehi Challenger currently stands at the third position in the DPL 2019 Mid-Tournament rankings. Let’s see if the team is able to scale higher in the rank ladder, over the next few days.

Bikram Sob of RC was announced the ‘Player of the Match’!

CYC Attariya Vs Biratnagar Kings

The second match of the day was held between CYC Attariya, second highest team on the DPL rank and Biratnagar Kings.

CYC Attariya made an overall score of 148 runs, which is the highest target in the entire season of DPL 2019. What makes Attariya’s performance remarkable is that the team set this remarkable target with just five players!

Sunny Patel’s 61 runs off 31 deliveries remains the unbeaten record in the team, followed by JA Kolsawala’s 51 runs off 50 deliveries.

The game took a disappointing turn when Jhora and Airee walked out of the field at 3 and 10 runs, respectively.

But then Patel entered the field, not only to settle scores with Kings but finish the match once and for all at 148 runs!

Now, it was Kings turn to bat and beat Attariya’s target of 148 runs.

The match began with AUK Pathan scoring 13 runs off a 5-ball delivery! As the match progressed, Aasif Sheikh’s 39 runs and P Baskota’s 27 runs helped the team’s scores to a large extent. Unfortunately, Kings came close to the ideal-target set by Attariya but lost the match at 138 runs!

Sunny Patel of CYCA was announced the ‘Player of the Match’!


CYC Attariya Vs Rupandehi Challengers

DPL enters Day 4 of its series!

CYC Attariya and Rupandehi Challengers played the first match of the day, where Attariya won the toss and decided to bat first. The match began on a dull note when Kolsawala was bowled at an early second over with just one run to his credit.

But the team’s spirits were lifted when S Pandey and Rit Gautam picked up the momentum of the game with a contribution of 12 runs each. However, the fall of Gautam at the 13th over left Attariya hanging between a half and full century.

Then came Airee, whose exploits took his team beyond the 100 runs mark and established Attariya at a 107 runs in the 17th over!

Players who came after DS Airee were unable to match his record. Overall, CYC Attariya made a score of 120 runs off 20 overs in which DS Airee’s contribution of 67 runs off 50 balls remains instrumental.

Besides Airee’s 67 runs, S Pandey, Rit Gautam and Sunny Patel’s 12 runs each helped CYC Attariya make a decent target for the opponents to defend.

The second half of the match went in favor of CYC Attariya as Rupandehi Challengers failed to match the target of 121 runs!

Challengers’ game begin with PS Airee and S Sunar registering 14 and 15 runs respectively, including two ‘fours’ and two ‘sixes’.  However, the pace of the game slowed down when Babar Hayat and P Mehra left the field without making any runs.

The team’s hope was revived when B Bhandari entered the field and gave his team another 10 runs off 7 deliveries. After Bhandari, it was S Maharjan’s 22 out of 22 run delivery that helped Challengers go past the half-century mark.

Unfortunately, the game ended with Jhora taking LS Bhandari’s wicket and sealing the total score at a fateful 82 runs in the 20th over.

Dipendra Singh Airee of CYCA was announced the ‘Player of the Match’!

Biratnagar Kings Vs Mahendranagar United

In the second match of the day, Biratnagar Kings played against Mahendranagar United.

The match led Biratnagar to score 82 runs until the 19th over, however, further progress has been stopped due to rain.

Let’s see what the turn of events will bring for both the teams.


Kathmandu Goldens Vs Mahendranagar United

Nepali Sansar welcomes you to #Day3 of Dhangadhi Premier League. 

The first match of the #Day3 on February 13, 2019 opened between Kathmandu Goldens and Mahendranagar United.

In this 20-over match, the United team won the toss and chose to field first.

Goldens began their batting innings with GY Tomar and AK Sah. The duo did not manage to stay longer on the ground and returned to pavilion just with less single-digit scores. Next, in the order, Gyanendra Malla scored 14 runs in 18 balls, giving a little push to the overall score, which saw a rapid rise with AM Dabas.

AM Dabas scored 65 runs in 55 balls, taking the team’s score to a new high! Though the next two in the order limited to minimum scores, YS Karki lifted up the spirit by scoring 22 runs in 14 balls.

At the end of the innings, the team scored 134 runs in 20 overs for the loss of 5 wickets, with Dabas and Karki remaining ‘not-out ‘.

Then began the batting innings of Mahendranagar United. Seems the team has made a weak opening, the openers returned with poor scores that hardly added anything to team’s progress in the match.

However, Veswakar, third in the order, gave a little confidence to the team by scoring 23 runs in 24 balls. Further, Aarif  Sheikh (18 runs in 10 balls), S Anand (15 runs in 12 balls) and RK Paudel (10 runs in 16 balls) tried their best to score at least small double-digit numbers.

Till the last, the team had to compromise with single-digit scores until AS Routela entered the pitch. Routela scored 28 runs in 27 balls emerging as the highest scorer of the team. In partnership with A Bohara, Routera remained a not-out at the end of the innings.

But the team failed to reach the 134-run target and collapsed at 127 runs for the loss of 8 wickets in 20 overs leaving success to Goldens.

Ankit Dabas of Goldens was announced the ‘Player of the Match’!

Biratnagar Kings Vs Dhangadhi Stars

The second match of the day was held between Biratnagar Kings and Dhangadhi Stars, and Kings elected to bat first!

Kings stepped into the ground with Shah and Aasif Sheikh as openers. While Sheikh scored 12 runs in 28 balls, Shah disappointed the team by scoring only 2 runs in 5 balls.

Next three in the order also scored only single digits, downsizing the team spirit. The double-digit score from the team’s batsmen started only with the entry of Avinash Yadav.

Yadav scored 27 runs in 29 balls, followed by Karan who scored 21 runs in 22 balls.

The next batsmen further failed to continue this pace and managed to score only single-digit scores.

At the end of their batting innings, Kings scored 103 runs in all 20 overs for the loss of 9 wickets, at the run rate of 5.15.

Dhangadhi Stars began their batting innings on a slow pace with its openers Dhamala and Mustafa scoring only single-digits.

The team had a slow pace until S Rajali entered the pitch and scored 34 runs in 36 balls. Next in the order, Rijal also managed to score a double-digit (15 runs in 24 balls).

But all the batsmen next in the order hardly made any notable contribution to the team’s progress. They ended up in scoring scores below 10 runs.

Finally, Stars lost the match to Kings by completely losing out all wickets at 82 runs with one over still left in the match.

Karan KC was announced ‘Player of the Match’.


Biratnagar Kings Vs Rupandehi Challengers

The second match of the #Day2 of DPL 2019 was held between Biratnagar Kings Vs Rupandehi Challengers.

Biratnagar Kings elected to bat first in this 20-over match, with H Shah and Aasif Sheik as openers.

The openers stepped in with confidence but failed to continue for a longer time. They returned to pavilion only with single-digit scores, with Shah scoring ‘nil’ and Sheik with 8 runs in 8 balls.

Then came Asadullah Khan third in the batting order and returned with 16 runs in 12 balls. Next, in the order, Samsad Sheikh, K Bhurtel and RP Magar were those who scored double-digits below 20 runs, and the rest were found to have made only single-digit scores. At the end of the team’s batting innings, Kings could finally touch 93 runs scored in 20 overs for the loss of 9 wickets.

RP Magar was the highest scorer who also remained not-out with 17 Runs.

Rupandehi Challengers stepped in to bat for a 93-run target. The openers, PS Airee and Sunar, stepped in with confidence but failed to stay longer! They returned to pavilion with less single-digit scores.

Third in the order, Babar Hayat, instilled some confidence in the team by scoring 17 runs in 23 balls.  Though the next batsman again disappointed with single-digit score, Puneet Mehra stood up for the team’s success.

Mehra scored 46 runs off 27 balls being the top scorer of the innings. Sharki and Regmi continued the pace by giving finishing touches to the win by scoring 12 runs and 8 runs, respectively, and remained ‘not-out’.

Finally, the team finished the 93-run target by scoring 95 runs for the loss of 5 wickets. Puneet Mehra was announced as the ‘Player of the Match’.

CYC Attariya Vs Dhangadhi Stars

The #Day2 of the ongoing Dhangadhi Premier League (DPL) 2019 kicked off on February 12, 2019.

The first match of the day began with CYC Attariya and Dhangadhi Stars facing each other.

CYC Attariya won the toss and chose to bat first!

Attariya began its batting order with JA Kolsawala and S Pandey as openers. Though the duo exhibited a positive start, they ended at 21 runs (in 26 balls) and 3 runs (in 15 balls), respectively.

Tamang, next in the order, managed to score only 12 runs in 25 balls. While, the rest including Airee, Sunny Patel and others managed to drive team a little ahead to finally score 95 runs at the end of their batting innings. 

Sunny Patel emerged as the top scorer with 35 runs in 28 balls.

The CYC Attariya team set a scorecard of 95 runs for the loss of 5 wickets in complete 20 overs, at 4.75 run rate.

Now, Dhangadhi Stars have a 96-run challenge ahead!

Then, Dhangadhi Stars began their batting innings with Rohan Mustafa and S Dhamala as openers. The batsmen tried their best to score much, but couldn’t face the ire of CYC Attariya team.

Other than Rijal who scored 26 runs in 26 balls, majority of the team members failed to perform well and remained limited to single-digit scores.

Though Rijal remained ‘not-out’, the team had to lose the match for CYC Attariya at 90 runs for the loss of 9 wickets in complete 20 overs.

CYC bowlers performed well with most of them claiming 4 wickets each, and Sunny Patel stood as the ‘Player of the Match’ for its ‘not-out’ batting performance.

CYC Attariya Vs Dhangadhi Stars 


Dhangadhi Stars Vs Kathmandu Goldens, Goldens Win!

The first match of the Dhangadhi Premier League 2019 saw Dhangadhi Stars and Kathmandu Goldens facing each other for a 20-over battle.

The 20-over match began with Kathmandu Goldens winning the toss and choosing to field.

Dhangadhi Stars, who began to bat first, made a slow start with its openers S Dhamala and Rohan Mustafa finishing with single digit scores.

However, the team got a lift with A Shrestha scoring 50 runs in 50 balls, after coming third in the batting order.

The motivation brought in by Shrestha efforts lived long, continued by performance of S Rajali who scored 28 runs in 35 balls and Khanal ( 25 runs in 10 balls) who remaining not-out.

Dhangadhi Stars had 132 runs in their basket at the end of their batting innings after completing 20 overs, for the loss of wickets.

Then, Kathmandu Goldens entered the pitch with confidence, which openers GY Tomar and AK Sah lived up to by scoring 28 runs in 25 balls and 24 runs in 40 balls, respectively.

Am Dhabas supported the batting order by scoring 29 runs in 23 balls, followed by others in the team who scored single and less double-digit scores, respectively.

Finally, the team finished the target by scoring 133 runs for the loss of six wickets, at a 6.6 run rate.

Dabas was announced the ‘Player of the Match’, while Rohan Mustafa also supported the team with his outstanding bowling performance of 4 wickets in 4 overs giving just 27 runs.

DPL Cricket First Match Highlights

Rupandehi Challengers Vs Mahendranagar United

The second match of the #Day1 of the ongoing DPL 2019 was an intense fight between the Rupandehi Challengers and Mahendranagar United. The 20-over match began with Challengers batting first. The team began its batting line-up with PS Airee and S Sunar, who returned with disappointing scores.

Next, in the order, Babar Hayat and Bhandari tested their luck and could only score 14 runs in 13 balls and 19 runs in 16 balls, respectively, before returning to the pavilion.

The next batsmen in the batting order also failed to reach high scores and limited their capabilities to just single-digit scores. At the end of their batting innings, Challengers had Maharajan as the highest scorer with 27 runs in 25 balls. The team finally scored 111 runs in 20 overs for the loss of all wickets.

Then stepped in the Mahendranagar United! Even the United team began a slow start and continued to have only single-digit scorers.  Among all those, S Anand and Paudel performed their best by scoring double-digit scores above 20 runs while Naveed stood as the third top scorer with 12 runs. However, the team finally failed to hit the 111-run target and collapsed at 109 runs for the loss of 8 wickets.

Challengers won the match with Bikram Sobar announced as the ‘Player of the Match’ for his ‘not-out’ batting performance and also for claiming 3 wickets in 3 overs.

DPL Cricket Second Match Highlights

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