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Nepal PM Oli’s First Year of Governance: Foundation for Prosperous Nepal

The Prime Minister also said that the previous year was witness to remarkable progress in Nepal


Nepal PM Oli’s First Year of Governance: Foundation for Prosperous Nepal

The incumbent Nepal Government successfully completed its first year of governance on February 14, 2019!

Nepal PM K P Sharma Oli said that the government has been successful in its goal of laying the foundation for the country’s economic prosperity, while speaking at the occasion

He added that the government was honestly working towards Nepal’s betterment and spent its first year in building the foundation.


“Year ahead will be years of achievements and success,”Oli said while adding that the government will fulfill its promise of prosperity in the years to come.

He also urged all the people to think about how the country’s situation was when he took charge of the government and how it looks like now.

“Vicious circle of political transition has ended and stability has been achieved. This has formed a strong foundation for us to focus on long-term development planning,” added Oli.

He said that as we move forward with the goal of a prosperous Nepal, we have been able and are armed with integrity to overcome obstacles and remain steadfast in our commitment.

He said he was open to constructive suggestions, comments and criticisms of the people, as they would serve as guidelines for better governance.

He claimed that it was people’s sovereign right to caution their government in any situation as it was elected with their trust and confidence.

Project Highlights of the Past Year

The Prime Minister shared some highlights of the past year:

  • The Ship office was inaugurated on February 14, 2019 to enable ships for transportation. Oli assured that there will be a day when people will get to buy tickets and board ships.
  • 497 km of new road was constructed during the last year, besides repairs of 7,500 km of roads and installation of 417 suspension bridges.
  • He also informed about the significant progress on Kathmandu-Terai Fast Track
  • The completion of the Jayanagar-Kurta railway under Oli’s governance has put Nepal in a vantage position of operating its own train

Bilateral Relations

The Prime Minister also said that the previous year was witness to remarkable progress in Nepal’s bilateral relations.

“It is a matter of satisfaction that Nepal’s voice is being heard in regional and international forums. Attraction, appreciation and confidence of the global community towards Nepal have grown,” said Oli while citing the example of Nepal’s first-time participation in the World Economic Forum.

Nepal-India bilateral relations saw greater progress and many joint-projects being implemented and signed, especially after several high-level bilateral visits, said Oli.

He also recalled the Indian PM Narendra Modi’s visit and Oli’s own visit to India which were instrumental in strengthening the ties.

With the successful completion of one full year, PM KP Oli Sharma becomes the first PM in three and a half years to remain in the post for at least one year.

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