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Trekking Nepal: Indigenous Peoples Trail – A Journey Less heard of, but Trek-worthy

Authentic and enriched culture is the unique feature of this amazing trip!

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Trekking Nepal: Indigenous Peoples Trail – A Journey Less heard of, but Trek-worthy

Icy mountainous ranges, aesthetic greenery, amazing scenery and adventure sports describe Nepal the best!

Undoubtedly, every tourist falls in love with Nepal tourism because of these exciting characteristics among which, trekking is one that the world travelers always keeping exploring for.

There are many enthusing trekking spots in Nepal such as Annapurna Circuit, Mount Everest Base Camp, among others. And, there is one more that contributes to the buzz word ‘Trekking Nepal‘.


Less heard of, but trek-worthy. It’s Indigenous Peoples (IP) Trail!

Touching Indigenous Communities

IP Trail gives you a different experience introducing to you the indigenous communities in the remote areas of Ramechhap District, Nepal and their unique culture.

IP Trail_Trekking Nepal

A 7-8-day trek through this culturally-diverse tourism spot takes you through tiny villages, traditional local communities, amazing foods cooked on fire and a mind-blowing scenery.

The Trail gives you an unseen experience about the culture and lifestyle of around 21 different indigenous ethnic communities of Nepal such as Sherpa, Newar, Yolmo, Thami, Majhi and Tamang, among others, and ages-old religious structures belonging to the country’s predominant religions Hinduism and Buddhism.

Stays during this trip are something special! Bringing you close to nature, the stay homes here reflect simple, traditional village atmosphere, in contrast to those in regular commercial tourism centers.

Hospitality is one interesting thing as a positive note on this trail. Host families at the stay homes provide you fully- hygienic food and give you a homely feeling.

Enjoyment has no limits here! Dressed in colorful traditional attire, the locales take you through the interesting traditional folk music and dance performances by both men and women.IP Trail Circuit

IP Trail Circuit: Kathmandu>Mudhe> Deurali > Dhunge> Kholakharka> Rahjbir Monastery> Surkey> Deurali> Doramba> Galpa> Khandadevi> Galpa> Dongme> Lubughat> Nepalthok> Kathmandu

In short, though the trek journey of IP Trail actually begins at Dhunge, one has start it from Mudhe as there is no direct transport to Dhunge. One needs to cover an approximate 91-km trek and 200-km journey to entirely complete the IP Trail Circuit.

Authentic and enriched culture is the unique feature of this amazing trip!

Iconic Geography

Indigenous Peoples Trail in Nepal is a trekking spot that exists as low as 3000 metres and lies in the Mahabharata range, 100 km east of Kathmandu.

Surrounded by Thulo Sailung in the North, the golden Sun Koshi River in the South and the Tama Koshi peak in the East, the trail presents to you a breath-taking Himalayan view from Dhaulagiri and Annapurna in the West to Numbur Chuli and the world’s third highest peak Kangchenjunga in the East.

Though possible through-out the year, one can have a pleasant experience with a travel in October-December season.

The trail was actually created in 2011 and was developed jointly by the Nepal Tourism Board and the United Nations as part of efforts to promote domestic tourism in Ramechhap District.

It is also the result of the efforts by Ramechhap Local Economic Development (LED) Forum and UN’s International Labor Organization (ILO) to promote untouched non-commercial trekking spots outside the well-established regions and enhance access to them while also supporting the deprived communities living in such regions.

However, the trek witnessed a major blow through the April 2015 earthquake which created a devastating impact on the District’s local stay homes and community halls which once served as major tourist destinations, thus finally impacting the potential of IP Trail.

Now that Nepal is fast growing in terms of development with with a major focus on tourism, the IP Trail will hopefully see its full potential in the years ahead.

All the best the Indigenous Peoples Trail, a trekking journey that’s a combination of culture and diversity.

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