Wednesday 27th September 2023

Nepal registers 12 COVID-19 induced mortalities on Sunday

The Asian nation witnesses 1,413 recoveries from the deadly infection



Nepal registers 12 COVID-19 induced mortalities on Sunday

Nepal’s health ministry confirmed 734 new COVID-19 infections across the country.

As per the latest information provided by the ministry, 12 people have lost their lives in the last 24 hours to the virus.

1,413 people have achieved complete recovery after contracting the viral infection.


Nepal’s total infections have risen to 873,534, with the current data factored in. The total number of people who died from the virus has hit 11,040. The total recovery tally has settled at 749,213.

Currently, Nepal has 24,313 active coronavirus infections. 22,834 Nepalis are recovering from viral infection under home isolation.

Nepal Covid Cases

1,449 people are battling the infection under institutional isolation. 390 people are fighting the virus in ICUs’ while 117 are clinging to their lives on ventilators. 248 people are under observation at quarantine facilities.

241 of the new cases have sprung from the Kathmandu Valley. 187 were registered in the national capital Kathmandu. In addition, 32 infections were confirmed in Bhaktapur, and 22 people were found to be carrying the virus in the Lalitpur district.

Until now, 6,203,316 Nepalis were partially vaccinated, awaiting their second dose of the vaccine. 5,578,865 people are completely vaccinated in the country.

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