Saturday 10th June 2023

Madhav Nepal Insists that Oli-Administration Corruption Cases be Probed

The political heavyweight has formed his political party


Madhav Nepal Insists that Oli-Administration Corruption Cases be Probed

Madhav Nepal, Chairman of the newly formed CPN (Unified Socialist), has asked the government to probe the erstwhile KP Oli administration for corruption of any kind. The party leader doled out this askance at the party’s members’ gathering in Kaski on the occasion of Constitution Day.

The CPN (Unified Socialist) Chairman insisted the incumbent government probe the wide-body airplanes scam and the alleged corruption that occurred during the COVID-19 vaccine procurement period.

Madhav Nepal was vocal in his accusations against the former PM Oli. The CPN (Unified Socialist) Chairman accused the former PM Oli of indulging in corruption. The Chairman went on to say that he personally saw the alleged corruption while wide-body jets were procured as the total payment shot beyond the aircraft prices.


Madhav Kumar Nepal

“We will overthrow the current provincial governments and form new governments of the five-party coalition,” Madhav Nepal said. “We will move toward the upcoming election by strengthening the five-party alliance,” he added. “There are false rumors that our party will unite with CPN (Maoist Center). Don’t be confused,” the Chairman Said.

Madhav also remarked that Nepalis would punish the people who broke the constitution and dissolving the parliament twice.

Additionally, Kisan Shrestha, a lawmaker working for CPN (Unified Socialist), commented at this meeting that he made a huge mistake by working for the Oli administration for more than two decades.

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