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China Readies Millions of Vaccine Doses for Nepal

Nepal has been procuring vaccines from all around the world



China Readies Millions of Vaccine Doses for Nepal

China has made the required arrangements to fly the rest of the purchased 4.4 million doses of Vero Cell vaccines to Nepal today.

The millions of vaccines will be flown to Nepal from China by a wide-body jet operated by Nepal Airlines Corporation.

As per Nepal’s health ministry, the central government of Nepal had procured 6 million of doses from China. The communist country had previously dispatched 1.6 million vaccines to Nepal, and the rest were dispatched now. The vaccines were scheduled to arrive this afternoon.


Covid 19 Vaccine Vero Cell

Apart from this purchase, Nepal had also received millions of doses from Europe and other countries. Using these vaccines, the Nepal government completely vaccinated 5,473,151 people. 6,057,194 people are partially vaccinated.

The health ministry of Nepal had remarked that the COVID-19 vaccination campaign would be restarted after Vero Cell vaccines arrive from their neighbor.

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