Saturday 30th September 2023

Nepal’s 12th Class Examinations Kickoff Today

The schedule of exams were disturbed by the pandemic chaos


Nepal’s 12th Class Examinations Kickoff Today

Nepal’s National Examination Board (NEB) has finally started conducting the Grade 12 exams. The examinations have started from today.

Due to the COVID-19 chaos, the examinations were postponed. They were initially scheduled to be held earlier.

With the current schedule, the examination will be held until September 24.


Controller of Examinations Krishna Sharma stated that most of the Grade 12 students had received their COVID-19 vaccinations, and the exams are being conducted with the assumption that the spread of coronavirus will be reigned in slowly.

National Examination Board (NEB)

It is widely assumed that the required arrangements for the exams have been completed. About 374,000 Grade 12 students are attending the exams being held now.

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