Friday 19th July 2024

Nepal to Set Up Multiple Fair Price Shops

The landlocked nation is gearing up to meet the festive demand


Nepal to Set Up Multiple Fair Price Shops

The Nepali government is launching 39 fair-price retail stores in Kathmandu valley and significant urban areas of the nation.

The government has initiated this launch as two massive festivals are on the horizon of the nation. As Dashain and Tihar are set to be celebrated in October and November, respectively, the government has decided to meet consumer demand.

These ration shops will stay open and operational until the Chhath festival is celebrated on November 10.


Depots and outlets managed by the Food Food Management and Trading Company, and Salt Trading Corporation will soon be transformed into fair-price shops.

Additionally, the companies will sell the daily rations on mobile vehicles.

Nepal Shops

The commerce ministry stated that certain commodities would be retailed at discounted prices to the consumers. Rice, salt, beans, sugar, dairy products, and goats are among the items which will be discounted.

The central government of Nepal has also asked the Nepal Oil Corporation to maintain a smooth supply of fuel during this festive season.

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