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A Complete Guide to Nepal Tourist Visa for US Citizens

US citizens can get Nepali Visa in two ways: Advanced Visa at the Embassy and ‘Visa on Arrival’


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A Complete Guide to Nepal Tourist Visa for US Citizens

Nepal is a favorite tourism destination for citizens of all nations.

This is evident in the number of tourists visiting the country throughout the year. Tourism is the major contributor to the Nepali economy.

So, Nepali visa is no doubt a special need for travellers across the world. Other than India, every other country would require a visa to enter or stay in Nepal.


Here, we will look into the case of Nepali visa for the United States tourists.

American nationals can get Nepali visa in two ways:

  1. Advance visa at the Embassy
  2. Get visa on arrival at the entry ports into Nepal from neighboring nations

1) Advance Visa at the Embassy

Visa at the Embassy

This is the traditional way of getting visa.

The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal issues Nepali visas at its different US offices in Washington DC, Sun Valley (Idaho), San Francisco (California), Chicago (Illinois), Boston (Massachusetts), Baltimore (Maryland) and Manhattan (New York City).

These visas taken from embassy offices are valid only for six months period and for up to 90 days in Nepal.

The process begins with filling in the application form online at the website.

Following this, the filled application form along with tracking id should be sent to the consular offices either by registered mail or courier or to be dropped at the nearest embassy office along with the respective fee. If sent by mail, the mail should include a prepaid return envelope.

Payment of the visa fee should be in money order with at least one-year validity, along with application and required documents. The money order should be payable to the Embassy of Nepal and should have full name of the applicant and address on the back of it.

2) Visa on Arrival

Visa on Arrival

Applying for visa on arrival at border points or entry points into Nepal is again done in two ways.

Simplest way to do is make the application on arrival. To assist tourists, Nepal Government has made provisions for quick processing of applications at the airports and arrival points across the borders.

These forms at entry points can be filled through kiosks at the Tribhuvan International Airport or through the Department of Immigration website

If submitting online, upload your photo and you will get a barcode to be submitted in print at the immigration desk on arrival. This barcode is valid only for 15 days from the date of application submission.

If using kiosks, the application will be processed to the terminal at the immigration desk and will be reverified against the passport number and printed slip. Kiosks also generate digital photo without the need for passport photos.

Payments in case of website process can be done at the nominated banks mentioned in the email confirmation you get after filling in the form. Don’t forget to carry the payment receipt and barcode to be submitted at the immigration desk along with your passport.

Payment at the entry points requires you to carry cash of any currency and the most accepted currency is USD. While the airport entry points have ATM services, you may not find one at border points.

When entering through the overland border checkpoints, it has to be noted that the border points will not have kiosks for processing applications. So, you will need to collect the visa application form from the immigration officer and fill it manually.

Visa on Arrival is only restricted to tourist visas, while all other types of visas will be processed through the Embassy office.

The main entry port for entering Nepal is Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. Land border crossing points such as Nepalgunj, Birgunj/Raxaul Bazaar, Sunauli, Kakarbhitta and Mahendranagar are other options.

Dhangadhi is the entry route from India, while it is Gyirong Port/Rasuwagadhi Fort from the Chinese border.

What are you waiting for?

Nepal Himalaya

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