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How to Apply for a Nepal Business Visa?

The Business Visa fee varies according to the amount of business investment made




How to Apply for a Nepal Business Visa?

Nepal is a land of bountiful opportunities for foreign and domestic business alike. Nepal has a chunk of business opportunities in terms of its tourism, handicrafts, handloom, herbal products and many other industries which provide huge scope for investment.

Looking to start a business in Nepal or invest in one of its home-bound industries? Then you’ll have to apply for a Business Visa.

Here’s all you need to know!


Who Can Apply?

The Government of Nepal grants business visa to:

  • Foreigners having license to make investment in Nepali business or industrial enterprise
  • Foreigners having license to invest for carrying out export trade in Nepal
  • Foreigners from third countries who export goods manufactured of Nepal by purchasing or placing a purchase order for export

Business Visa Checklist

When applying for a business visa, applicants have to produce the following documents to the Department of Immigration:

  • Online Application
  • Recommendation Letter from the Department of Industry or Concerned Government Line Agency
  • Bio Data (if you are a first time applicant)
  • Foreign Investment Acceptance Letter from the Department of Industry
  • A copy of Company Registration Certificate
  • A copy of PAN/VAT certificate
  • A copy of applicant company’s shares certificate
  • A copy of Industry Registrant Certificate
  • A copy of Passport and Latest Visa
  • Industry Monitoring and Supervision Report
  • Company or Industry’s Progress Report

Business Visa Validity
Applicants can apply for a Business Visa for 1 month- 1 year period or even for five years at a time. Also, a business visa involves a multiple re-entry facility, irrespective of the time period.

Business Visa Fees
The Business Visa fee varies according to the amount of business investment made:

Investment Amount (NPR) Visa Fee for 1 Month (USD) Visa Fee for 1 Year (USD) Visa Fee for 5 Years (USD)
Less than 10 Million 30 300 1000
More than 10 Million 10 100 with multiple re-entry 300 with multiple re-entry
More than 100 Million

Please note: If applicant has made a payment of more than NPR 10 million, then he/she should furnish details of the same along with other visa processing documents (listed above)

Types of Investors and Visas

  • Existing Investors: These investors can apply for a residential or business visa. Investors, their authorized representatives and dependent family members are entitled to business visas for up to five years, based on the DOI’s recommendation.
  • Potential Investors: This category of investors can apply for non-tourist visa to the DOI from the prescribed form on the Procedural Manual for foreign investment – Page 70 in Appendix 15.

Please note: Once applicants receive the DOI’s recommendation, they should apply to the Department of Immigration with the prescribed form.

Investors applying for a business visa to the DOI including extensions should apply with the prescribed form in the investment manual of page 69 in Appendix 14

Other Visas

Applicants availing a Business Visa may also apply for:

  • Non-Tourist Visa: This visa is for foreigners aspiring to start a business in Nepal and collect information, conduct study and research
  • Residential Visa: This is for investors who invested at least USD 100,000 in Nepal, and his family members

We hope this information is helpful in getting your business visa.

All the best for your new venture!

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