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Norwegian Embassy, UNICEF Nepal Sign Deal for Child Welfare

In a move supporting Nepali children, UNICEF Nepal formed a new partnership with the Royal Norwegian Embassy to improve inclusive education in the country.

Norwegian Embassy, UNICEF Nepal Sign Deal for Child Welfare

Norwegian Ambassador to Nepal Lasse Bjørn Johannessen and UNICEF Representative to Nepal Tomoo Hozumi signed the agreement at a program held in Kathmandu on November 29, 2018.

Under the deal, the Norwegian Embassy has agreed to offer 25 million Norwegian Krone (nearly USD 3 million) for the related development activities over the next three years.

The fund will help children across the country in performing their activities across different areas in a better way. This includes collection of national-level data on concerns faced by children in performing key activities.


The new partnership is going to encourage education, social inclusion and family life among other key aspects pertaining to children.

The partnership also intends to monitor the health care situation of children, identifying those with disabilities and offer needed support across government activities across local, provincial and federal levels for implementation of inclusive education, informed an official release.

“Improving data on disability and services provided to children with functional limitations is an urgent priority in Nepal. Knowledge and awareness raised on the situation faced by children with functional limitations will allow us to take concrete actions to address them, improving access to education and leading to a stronger, more inclusive and prosperous Nepal,” Johannessen said in an official release.

The partnership will lay a special focus on supporting UNICEF’s measures towards promoting inclusive education in Nepal and early detection of health conditions among children of Nepal.

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