Tuesday 30th May 2023

Germany Pledges Almost ‘NPR 5 Billion’ in Grants for Nepal!

The funds will be utilized for healthcare, sustainable economic development, and the energy sector.



Germany Pledges Almost ‘NPR 5 Billion’ in Grants for Nepal!

As a continuation of its commitment to help the people of Nepal, the German Government has promised new grants of more than NPR 4.8 billion (34.4 million EUR).

According to the Embassy of Germany in Kathmandu, the government representatives from both countries signed the new ‘German Development Corporation’ agreement in a virtual ceremony on Tuesday.

As per the agreement, the German Government will focus on three areas, namely, healthcare, sustainable economic development, and energy efficiency/renewable energy.


“The signing of the new agreement underlined the good relations between ‘our two nations’ and also ‘our ongoing common efforts for the people of Nepal,” said German Ambassador to Nepal Roland Schaefer.

“With our focal sectors of health, sustainable economic development, and energy, we are strongly committed to achieving development together with the Nepali people.”

“Besides our bilateral cooperation, we see an important role with the civil society, which is an indispensable part of any development effort in Nepal,” added Ambassador Schaefer.

Germany 34.4mn Euros to Nepal

As per the agreement, the majority of the committed funds will be allocated to the health sector, reaching almost 23.7 million EUR. Energy and sustainable economic development will receive energy 17.5 million EUR and 15.4 million EUR, respectively. The corporation will be focusing on rural regions of Nepal’s mid and far west.

Apart from granting funds for the technical corporation and financial corporation, Germany has been helping Nepal in tackling the coronavirus pandemic. The European country has COVID-19 medical supplies, including ventilators, isolation tents, and KN95 masks. It has also provided almost EUR 11 million from its Emergency COVID Support Programme.

”The EU has already exported 240 million vaccine doses to 90 countries, which is about as much we have used within the EU. Germany alone is contributing 100 million euros to the COVAX initiative for equal distribution of COVID -19 vaccines,” said Ambassador Schaefer.

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