Tuesday 30th May 2023

Melamchi Flood Wreaks Havoc in Nepal

More than 50 people have gone missing in this natural calamity


Melamchi Flood Wreaks Havoc in Nepal

Melamchi river caused panic among Nepalis by overflowing massively. More than 50 people have gone missing in this flood on Wednesday.

The flood has impacted the western sector of Sindhupalchowk, which has caused extensive loss of life and damage to the property.

Secretary of Helmabu Rural Municipality Arjun Bhandari confirmed that more than 50 people went missing Wednesday morning.


“Of them, 39 were workers at the Melamchi Drinking Water Project.”

Nepals Melamchi Floods

Law enforcement estimated that the floods and landslides began on Tuesday evening and have gone on damage areas from Melamchi Bazaar to the coastal area through Ambathan area in Helmabu Municipality.

“Incessant rainfall has raised the level of the river,” DSP Prakash Sapkota said. “We are still receiving information on (the) damage of properties and lives.”

Melamchi Bazaar, Kuel, and Chaunate Bazaar bore most of the brunt of the flood. The bridge connecting Melamchi Ghyang Village, which was recently constructed, was also washed away by this calamity.

Melamchi Floods in Nepal

DSP Sapkota added that the Area Police Office, Helambu, Police Post, and Talamarang were submerged. Even law enforcement couldn’t reach the police premises due to the severity of the flood.

Nepal Melamchi Floods

As per the Chanuate Bazaar localities, Helmabu is completely flooded. The rising water levels of Melamchi have arisen the potentiality that there is a risk of humanitarian damage in the area.

Nepal – Melamchi Flood Video

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