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Kanchanpur’s Fertilizer Quota Decided by Agriculture Inputs Company

The agricultural unit is aiming to trim down fertilizer usage



Kanchanpur’s Fertilizer Quota Decided by Agriculture Inputs Company

The chemical fertilizer usage of Kanchanpur has been set by the office of Agriculture Inputs Company Limited (AICL).

The Kanchanpur Branch office of AICL decided upon usage quotas of the collective 30 metric tons of fertilizer that the AIC province office will distribute to all the nine local levels.

Bal Bahadur Shah, acting office manager of the AIC branch office, said that the office would supply the fertilizers to the cooperative organizations based on the recommendations they receive from AICL.


As per the new quota recommendations, Bhimdutta municipality will receive 29.7 metric tons, Bedkot municipality will stand to get 27 metric tons, and Shuklaphanta municipality has been allowed 27 metric tons.


The other municipalities, Krishnapur, Belauri, and Punarbas, have been allowed 35.1 tons each.

The AICL determined the fertilizer quota based on the size of arable land and the number of farmers in a particular municipality.

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